Chapter 8

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Thor's POV (the dream)

As soon as I appear to be in Asgard, I know something is not right. The girl successfully warped my mind.People dance in graceful, elegant movements as I walk through, my mind not focusing on anything. A man in a black cloak catches my attention. I try to move forward, but I stop when I hear a familiar voice.

" Is it him? Is that the first son on Odin?", Heimdall asks, walking over to me.

" Heimdall, your eyes", I say, seeing white orbs where his golden eyes used to be.

" Oh, they see everything. They see you leading us to Hel. Wake up!", He says, shaking my shoulders then grabbing me by my neck.

" I can still save you!", I say, my voice slightly strained, due to him trying to strangle me.

" We are all dead! Can you not see?!", Heimdall exclaims.

I throw him back, seeing horned creatures appear from the shadows as electricity starts to appear on my body.

" You're a destroyer, Odinson", Heimdall says as my lightning strikes an innocent, " See where your power leads".

The lightning shocks my body, pulling me into a vision. I see the infinity stones, an andriod mortal, and Lauren with black eyes, and evil smirk plastered on her beautiful face.

" How sweet, you see me", I hear my baby sister says.

I turn around to see Lauren dressed in a black lace dress, sparkles sprinkled on her loose curls, something off about her.

" Lauren", I say relieved, walking over to her, " I'm glad you are okay", causing her to scoff.

" You think I'm okay?! You left me. You weren't there for me in my darkest times. I lost all hope.I never thought I had a family, all because you screwed up. You don't know anything about me or about my past because you weren't there! My whole life... you weren't there for me. You try to make up for lost times, but it doesn't do you any good.You think Loki is evil? Wait until you see what I can do. I do not know the extent of my abilities, but I do know I have more power than you could ever imagine. I'm... wicked", She says, the light inside of her completely gone.

" Let me help you", I say, trying to put my hand on her cheek.

" Spaur demia nyana", Lauren says, her eyes flashing gold, causing me to drop to my knees, being chocked my some sort of un-seeable force, " Help me? You already lost me. I'm just doing what you told me to do: embrace who I truly am. I am powerful. I am dark. I am Black Magic", black then taking over her eyes, allowing me to see the evil inside of her, " Selit habat gemvio aufu", causing the breath the be taken out of my lungs.

" Please... please, I can help you. Do not give into the darkness, sister", I say, gasping for breath, wanting to help drain the darkness out of her.

" Too little... too late, brother. That seems to be your forte", She says, raising her hand out towards me, causing me to collapse onto the floor.

Steve's POV (the dream)

I'm back in the 40's. This... this is impossible. A camera flashes in my face as I walk in what appears to be a party. People are laughing, having a good time, listening to the live music I haven't heard in a long time. Two guys start to push each other around in the corner, as a man with blood on his shirt to be laughing. Everyone is just... laughing.

I feel someone touch my arm, as I hear the voice belonging to the woman I once loved.


"Are you ready for our dance?", causing me to turn around.

I look at her, shock written all over my face. She's still young. Still... beautiful. Steve! Remember, you're with Lauren. It's wrong to call other women beautiful, when I'm lucky enough to be calling the most gorgeous woman on the plant mine. Wait, women aren't property. They aren't something to be owned... but something to be cherished.

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