Chapter 11

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Mizuki's pov:

"It's huge!" Naruto yelled, causing everyone to glare at him angrily.

"Naruto, you should stay quiet. We're travelling without using the engine for a reason." I subtly told him.

"Tazuna-san, before the boat gets to the pier there's something I need to ask you. The identity of the ones who are after you, and the reason they are after you. Or we can call this mission off when you get ashore, Tazuna-san."  Kakashi said slowly.

Tazuna then explained to us the details of who was after us and why. We then (Kakashi and Naruto since Sasuke and I didn't care) decided to continue with the mission.

Basically some rich small guy named Gato was after Tazuna because he was building a bridge

As soon as we got off the boat Naruto started throwing kunai towards random places, earning him angry glares from Sasuke and I and a scolding from Kakashi for scaring us.

He then threw a kunai and almost hit a rabbit. I narrowed my eyes after noticing the white color of its fur.

Wait a second, rabbits aren't supposed to have a white fur in this time of the year.

I made eye contact with Kakashi and he nodded at me.

"Duck!" We both screamed as soon as a huge sword appeared. When we looked up there was a man standing on top of the sword which was stuck in a tree. He wore some pants and arm- and legguards with a cow pattern on top of it. He also wore bandages on the lower half of his face and a scratched forehead protector.

A rogue nin

"Oh my my, you are Momochi Zabuza, the exiled ninja of the Hidden Village of Mist." Kakashi spoke as he stepped closer to the man.

Naruto then got in a fighting stance and stormed off but before he could, he was stopped by Kakashi.

"You're in the way. Stay back everyone. He's way different from the guys we met before. If he's our enemy I can't win like this." He slowly lifted his hand towards the headband covering his eye.

"I'm guessing you are Kakashi the Sharingan user." Zabuza started, at the word Sharingan I saw Sasuke flinch a bit. Why? "I'm sorry but I'll need you to hand over the geezer."

"Everyone form the manji formation. Protect Tazuna-san. Don't join the battle. To not interfere with the battle is teamwork." Kakashi then lifted his headband revealing a red eye with three black comma's.

What is that eye?

"I'm honored that I can see the Sharingan that I've heard about." Zabuza said.

"You guys have been saying Sharingan, but what is it?" Naruto asked annoyed.

"Sharingan... the eye creates it, and it is the power that the pupil generates. Ones who use doujutsu are said to have eye powers that can see through all genjutsu, taijutsu and ninjutsu and cancel their effects. Sharingan is one of the various types of eyes that those doujutsu users possess. But that's not the only ability the Sharingan possesses." Sasuke then explained while trying to look cool and kinda succeeding.

"Correct that isn't it. The scary part is that the Sharingan can understand how an opponents technique works and copy it. When I was in the Hidden Village of the Mist's assassination squad your information was in my bingo book. It also noted this: 'The man who copied more than 1000 techniques, Kakashi the copy ninja.' "

More than thousand? 

I stared at him with a mixture of shock and awe.

But seriously how long are they gonna keep talking here, I thought we were supposed to fight this guy.

Like he read my mind Zabuza told us that he needed to kill Tazuna but that he would have to defeat Kakashi first.

Zabuza disappeared, and then reappeared again, standing on water, performing a jutsu that shrouded us in a thick cloud of mist.

"Eight points. Larynx, spine, lungs, liver, jugular vein, collarbone, kidney and heart. Now, which vital organ do you want to get struck at?" Zabuza said in a creepy voice.

I thought for a bit. "I would like to choose the heart please, it's less messy. You know with all the blood and such."

The others just glared at me to keep quiet while Zabuza laughed. Kakashi did some handsigns and released a big amount of chakra while also releasing some killing intent.

I glanced to my side to see Sasuke start shaking in fear, he raised a kunai about to stab himself but I quickly grabbed his hand to stop him from doing so. I gave him a reassuring smile before focusing back on the ongoing battle.

Suddenly Zabuza appeared between the four of us, shocking us all. But before he could kill Tazuna, Kakashi jumped in and stabbed his water clone, then Zabuza stabbed the Kakashi waterclone and the real Kakashi appeared behind him.

"this is the end."


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