No time to waste (lets fall from grace).

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title: from the (lovely) song agony by the (lovely) artist paloma faith - who I think everyone should listen to bc she's perfect.

warning: homophobia/ use of the word fag-ot/ just people being ignorant really

summary: louis and harry know that they won't be accepted, at least not in a town where weekly bible studies and monthly church get togethers are events that everyone actually looks forward to. but, see, they don't really care.


Louis and Harry have been thinking about this - coming out, that is - for quite some time.

They know that things won't be perfect, they won't even be close to perfect, really, but. They're so tired of waiting, they're sick of having to hide themselves, of having to hide anything that may offend the others in their lives.

Of course, people have made their assumptions - everyone gossips in this tiny, rundown town of bible freaks - but no one has ever actually said it aloud. The G word.

The word that Louis and Harry are not ashamed of, because they have no reason to be (well, that's what their best mates, Liam, Zayn, and Niall have said). And they're totally, completely right. There's nothing at all to be ashamed of, because being gay isn't some sort of curable disease (no matter how many times their pastor has said so.)

So they're ready to come out, officially, to their parents (who definitely know that something is up, no matter how hard they try to ignore it), and then to their church (which, well, that's another matter completely).


"Babe, are you sure, like really, really sure?" Louis asks, one last time, just to be positive. He doesn't want Harry to feel forced into coming out, because this is something big, something scary. They need to be prepared for, like, some of the worst possible reactions ever.

Harry laughs, and even though it's a little bit forced, it makes Louis smile as well. "'Course I am, Lou. I love you," he says, eyes wide and innocent and this is what Louis is afraid of, honestly.

He's afraid that the childlike innocence that Harry posses will be taken away, because reality sucks, and it'll be all his fault. He can't let Harry know that, though. He has to be strong enough for the both of them.

Just then another voice, loud, obnoxious and with an Irish lilt to it disturbs his worrying. "Mate, you look like you're thinking way too much. Calm the fu-k down, this isn't some damn soap opera," and this is why Louis loves Niall, really, because he's always there to (quite rudely) bring him back to his senses.

All five friends are sat in Zayn's basement, because Zayn is the only one whose parents actually give him some privacy, and they all like to abuse that privacy as often as they can. They've been discussing Louis and Harry's planned coming out that will most likely happen later on tonight, and it seems that Zayn may have to take out his little bag of goodies, because they're all nervous as fu-k.

Like, Louis might actually throw up if he doesn't have a spliff within a few minutes. "Zayn. Zayn. Weed, I need some please," he says, smiling as prettily as he possibly can.

It seems that his prettiest smile only works on Harry though, because Zayn refuses. "Nah, mate. You need to be all there for tonight - no, don't look at me like that, Harry, I will not give your boyfriend drugs."

"Well, fu-k you then, tosser," Louis sneers, except it comes out as a half sob instead. All of a sudden there are three boys around him, and one boy (with lovely curly hair) on top of him.

"Babes, are you okay?" Liam asks, and it makes Louis smile (a tiny smile) because Liam has always been there for him, he was there even before he met Harry. He's always accepted Louis, no questions asked.

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