04; battle stations

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"Where is your earpiece!" He yelled. "Give it to me!"

"I don't have it!" She yelled back.

"Lies!" Another slap.

"It fell out when I was shot!" Delia exclaimed. "I swear."

When the attack was over, the first thing Steve did was try to contact Delia. He'd heard the gunshot and her screams as she fell through the air.

"Steve," Romanoff had been trying to talk to him since this all ended. "She'll be okay, she's tougher than diamonds."

"She could be in the ocean right now! We have to look for her!" He exclaimed.

"That won't be a problem, Captain." Agent Hill walked in. "She's not dead but you're not going to like where she is now."

"Tell me,"

"Hear it from her." Hill pressed a button and Loki's voiced sounded through the room.

"Where is your earpiece!" Loki yelled. "Give it to me!"

"I don't have it!" She yelled back.

"Lies!" Another slap.

"It fell out when I was shot!" Delia exclaimed. "I swear."

It stopped for a moment before there was a beating noise coming over the speakers.

"She's using morse code!" Natasha exclaimed. "N, Y, C, A, T, T, A, C, K"

"That's where he's going to activate it, New York." Steve said. "We have to go."

"Easy soldier, we need a plan." Hill said. "We'll meet back here tomorrow morning."

"Tomorrow? Delia's in danger! We need-" Steve was cut of by more beats. I, I'LL BE FINE, SR.

"We now know where her priorities lie." Romanoff laughed. "Don't worry Cap, we can start planning tonight if it makes you feel better."

"I think I'll just go to bed, Goodnight." Steve walked back to his room and sat down in front of the computer.

They were much smaller now, much much smaller. He typed in Delia's name and the first thing that came up was an article.


Other than that, SHIELD barely had anything on her in their database. It seemed like they knew only as much as he did. She had 20 kill missions for an unknown agency and all were successful. But how did she get those powers, according to this, she'd had these powers as long as she could remember. Steve knew no one is just born like that, there was more behind this girl than met the eye.

Delia felt the cold air just as she woke up, she wasn't in the plane anymore, instead she was in what was like a dungeon. It was dark aside from the oil lamp outside her cell and the radiation was overwhelming. Her chest was tight and it was hard to breathe, she checked her pocket for the earpiece. She placed it back in her ear and began whispering.

"Anyone there?" She asked.

"Birch!" Stark said. "Glad you're alive, sort of."

"Thanks, I can see the Tesseract, but I can't go near it."

"What? Why?" Tony asked.

"My cells are highly sensitive to that radiation level." She tapped her watch. "I'm sending you my coordinates."

"We leave soon, prepare the tesseract." Loki's voice echoed through the halls.

Delia took the piece from her ear and turned off the watch. She waited until the passed to open the cell. She urged the metal bars to create a hole large enough for her to escape, thankfully it worked and she escaped. The place was like a maze and it was nearly impossible for her to find a way out. She found an empty jet and sat in the pilots seat, ready to fly when she suddenly felt very weak. She turned her head just enough so she could see the tesseract being loaded on to the jet she was planning to steal. She stayed still, looking straight ahead in hopes no one would notice her.

"Who are you and what are you doing on my plane?" The pilot stood in front of her.

"So this isn't the plane going the Bora Bora? Sorry, airports are so confusing." Delia put on her 'dumb college student' facade and began to exit the plane.

"Ah! There you are!" Loki stood at the back of the plane. "Lets go for a trip shall we?"

Delia felt a something cold touch her chest. It was like she was being knocked out of her own body, like someone else was in charge.

"Buckle up, dearie."

Sorry it's been so long, I've been super busy and the only reason I'm publishing is because I'm sick. Fun Fact: THIS BOOK HAS OVER 500 READS!! Thank you so so much, I love you guys


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