04; battle stations

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The lab was dark when Delia woke up, only some emergency lights were working. Natasha wasn't too far from her but the others were no where to be seen.

"We'll make it through this." Nat said. "You can control it."

Delia got up and looked at Romanoff who's eyes were fixed on Bruce who laid a few feet away, writhing and groaning.

"You want some help?" Delia asked.

"I think I can make it, thanks." She replied.

Before Delia even made it out of the room when the hulk began to charge Natasha. Delia ran back and moved the piece of metal off of the widows leg and dragged her out of there.

"I said I could handle it." She snapped.

"Yeah and that was going great." Delia scoffed. "How well can you walk on that leg?"

"It's just a sprain, I'll be fine." Nat said.

"Engine three is out." Agent Hill said over the ear piece.

"On it," Delia, Cap and Stark replied at the same time.

She ran out of the lab and started flying towards the back engines. She made it to where Stark and Cap were figuring out how I get the engines back up.

"Birch, I'm going to need a boost." Stark said.

"On it." Delia pushed the blades so they began spinning.

Suddenly, one of the other engines gave out and the carrier began to tip. She shot out of the engine she was in and flew over to the other one.

"Altitude is dropping." Hill said. "Birch keep us in the air."

"Trying," the blonde grunted and flew under the aircraft and began to lift. "It's harder than it looks."

She saw an enemy plane not too far from her, probably the one that was carrying Loki. Delia sped towards it, not thinking of the consequences. Suddenly, a bullet hit her side making her drop her concentration and began falling. She didn't notice she was screaming for help until the voices on the earpiece were drowned out by her own.

Calm down Delia thought. Calm down and you can fly again, calm down and you'll be safe.

But that wasn't enough, she'd stopped screaming but her mind was like a hamster on a wheel. Instead of hitting the water as expected, her body hit something metal, a plane.

"Good to see you again, darling." Loki smirked.

"The feeling's not mutual." Delia sat up. "Why did you save me?"

"Because you're leverage."

"Leverage for what?"

"For my victory of course! If I can trade you for a free attack on New York, then I'll easily win." Loki stated as if it were the simplest thing in the world.

Delia remembered her earpiece and fake scratched her ear to take it out. "They won't give in that easily."

"They won't, but your dear captain would." He caught Delia's eyes flicker at the sound of his name. "So you can be used as leverage, perfect."

The bullet wound on Delia's side suddenly exploded with pain. "If I'm going to be used as leverage, you might want me alive."

"Right," He touched his spear to her side and the wound closed. "Now your precious boyfriend will come crawling like an ant."

If that thing could be used to heal, maybe we won't want to destroy it. Delia thought.

One of the soldiers on the small plane stepped towards Loki and whispered something. Delia's cheek stung from the slap that came next.

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