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“Just one more shot and then I’m done, Harry, seriously.” I say. I can already feel the alcohol pulsing through me, making its way to my head and making my inhibitions float away. Of course, it had only taken one shot to induce this intoxication as it was my first real taste of alcohol. My whole life I’d stayed clear of the stuff, afraid of its effects, but now, on my 18th birthday, Harry had pounced at the opportunity to legally get me drunk. Not that I minded, so long as he was here with me. “Come on, babe.” Harry chuckled. He had already had three shots, but everyone knew Harry was a heavyweight. “Skull it and we can go.” His face exceptionally close to mine, I could feel his tequila scented breath on my nose. I laughed, “Alright, here goes nothing.” I brought the small glass to my lips and tipped my head back, feeling the liquor shoot down my throat, burning slightly. The warm feeling in my stomach began to rise and I broke out in a smile. “I did it!” Harry raised his arms and cheered “‘Bout fucking time, babe. Come on, I want to dance.” he said as he grabbed my hand, leading us on to the dance floor of the neon-lit club. I could feel my walk becoming unsteady, and pulled down my skirt just to be safe. I saw Harry look back, “Don’t worry about that, Y/N. I like it short.” he smirked. I felt my cheeks flush and began dancing to avoid eye contact. Sure, I’d always found Harry sexy. I mean he was super flirty and not to mention a famous singer, but between us there’d only been friendship. We’d come close to fooling around before, but I had always resisted, afraid to ruin what we already had. But tonight, my inhibitions had seemed to have drifted away and I found myself dancing with Harry, his hands wrapped tightly around my waist and hips grinding against mine. “You’re so fucking hot, Y/N. Did you know that?” he spoke into my ear, voice rough with alcohol and intensity. I felt heat rush to my core at his words, unable to help myself, and leaned my head back onto his shoulder slightly. His hips ground harder into me and moved his hands up to my stomach. “I want to make you feel good tonight. I want to make you forget what your name is while I fuck you so hard you think you’ll break… You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you.” I felt myself getting wetter the more he spoke, my body aching for him and mind unable to stop it. “I want you too Harry. I need you.” I replied breathlessly. I slid my hand behind me and felt Harry’s hard-on, making me gasp. He was definitely bigger than I had imagined. I heard Harry moan at my touch, turning me on even more. “Come on, let’s get out of here.” I said, now leading him away from the party. We walked quickly and in silence outside to where Harry had parked his Range Rover, he turned on the ignition faster than I’d ever seen. “Are you sure you can drive?” I asked him; my rational mind coming back into play for a moment. “I’ve hardly had anything. We’re only going two blocks, and baby I need you out of that dress.” He replied, voice dark and gravelly. His eyes flicked from me to the road as he drove as perfectly as I’d ever seen him drive. Not five minutes later we had pulled up at Harry’s expansive house and we hurried our way inside. I felt adrenalin running through my veins as Harry unlocked the door. As soon as we were in, my lips were on his, and hands roaming his back and raking through his curls - desperation of years worth of repressed desires ripping through me. His strong hands lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him, unable to get my hips closer to him. I felt my back press against the wall and Harry’s hips grinding harshly against mine, his erection nudging me there. I couldn’t stop the moan that escaped my lips, pleasure coursing through me and soaking my underwear. Harry’s tongue dove deeper into my mouth, exploring the back of my throat. He groaned loudly and I could tell he was just as desperate to fuck as I was. He ran his hand down to my centre and started rubbing my sensitive spot, sending shockwaves through me, his name tumbling out of my mouth. “Harry-” I moaned, unable to form the sentence I wanted. We needed to move this to the bedroom, and fast. He grunted in reply and lifted me up into his arms again, still kissing me ferociously. We moved into his bedroom and I was laid against his bed, Harry climbing over me. I reached my fingers to the hem of his shirt, trying to pull it off him. He raised his arms and had the shirt on the floor within a second, and now occupied his hands with my dress. I sat up, allowing him to tug it off roughly. His hands snaked behind my back and unclasped my bra, letting it fall. I saw him smirk as he pushed me back down on the bed. “You’re even better naked” he whispered. His words sent me into overdrive and I wriggled on the bed. “Stay still.” Harry threatened. He moved his hands slowly down my thighs, kneading my skin before pushing my legs firmly apart. His lips began attacking my left breast; sucking, nibbling while his hand took control of the other. The sensation felt incredible, like nothing I’d ever experienced. He was clearly an expert in making women feel good. I moaned loudly. His lips began to move south on my skin, kissing down my stomach and across my hip bone, edging tantalizingly close to my heat. “Let’s see how wet you are for me, baby.” he whispered before fleetingly planting a kiss on me there, making my hips buck towards him. He smirked, clearly enjoying my pain. Harry wrapped his fingers around my underwear and slowly edged them down, leaving me naked and entirely at his mercy. “Harry, please…” I begged. I didn’t think I could take more of his teasing, every inch of my body needed him inside me. “In time, Y/N. All good things come to those who wait.” he smirked. I threw my head back on the mattress, unbelievably frustrated. Suddenly, I felt his finger plunge inside me, almost making me come, but he pulled out just as quickly. I heard him chuckle. “Don’t stop!” I moaned. He pushed his finger in again, this time curving upwards and hitting my g-spot. I felt him add another, pushing me wider apart. “You’re so wet.” he groaned as his began pushing his digits in and out. I felt a knot beginning to form in my stomach, that familiar feeling about to arrive. Before I knew it, his lips were on my clit, sucking and biting, making me grind my hips roughly against him. “Harry, I’m-” I moaned. “I know, baby. Come for me.” he said, locking his eyes with mine. His words pushed me over the edge and I felt my orgasm rip through me, Harry’s name and a collection of curse-words tumbling out of my mouth as I reached my high. Harry licked up my centre, drinking my climax in with a small smirk. “That was-” I began, my breathing ragged. Harry’s lips met mine, his tongue pushing to the back of my throat. I tasted myself on his lips. “Your turn.” I said as I pulled back, looking down at his erection bulging against his skinny jeans. I bit my lip in anticipation. “You’re fucking sexy when you do that.” he grumbled. In a fit on confidence, I quickly flipped us over so I was straddling Harry’s waist. His mouth arched with a trace of a smile and my gaze was brought to his perfectly pink lips. “You’re sexy when you do that too.” he smiled. How could I resist playful Harry? I ran my fingers along the lines of his torso, tracing his defined abdominal muscles. I slowly brought my head down to his chest, keeping his green eyes locked with mine, and began licking down his chest. I could feel him begin to grind his hips slowly against mine, probably in an attempt to release some of the built up tension. When my tongue reached his v-lines, I occupied my hands with his jeans zipper. I edged his pants down slowly and his length sprung up against his abdomen. I felt my eyes widen; he was huge. Harry saw my expression and brushed his fingers softly against my cheek, “It’ll be alright, baby. I’m going to fit you perfectly, just wait.” I blushed, and wrapped my hand around his length. Harry lay back on the bed, giving himself up to my touch. I ran my fingers slowly around the base before moving them up to the tip, my thumb swiping his pre-cum around him. Harry groaned loudly, sending my inner-goddess soaring. Gaining confidence, I began pumping him up and down, slowly at first. I lowered my lips down to his shaft and delicately licked the tip, making Harry’s hips buck up wildly. I placed my mouth back over him and lowered down, taking in as much of him as I could. I began sucking him, licking hot stripes up the side of his shaft while my hands took the rest of the length my mouth couldn’t fit. “Y/N…you’re so fucking good at that.” he moaned. If my mouth wasn’t so full, I would have grinned like a school-girl. I continued his pleasure, taking him in slowly and then quickly, paying special attention to his tip. “I can’t wait, Y/N. I’m gonna-” he grunted. I quickly sat up, pulling away from Harry and leaving him unfinished. “Not until you’re inside me.” I smirked. “Babe, you’re such a fucking tease.” he groaned, sitting up. He swept his finger across my bottom lip, wiping away some remaining cum. “But if I’d have known you were that good at head, I would have gotten you in bed a lot sooner.” he chuckled. I felt my cheeks flush as I kissed him, our tongues battling again, this time more passionately. I rested Harry back down on the bed and placed my right leg on the other side of his body. His dick nudged my thigh, still as hard as before. “I need you inside me…” I moaned. He quickly obliged, flipping us over so he was on top. My legs bent up on either side of him. He reached over to his bedside table, grabbing a foil packet from within the drawer, and quickly sliding it down his length. “You ready, babe?” he asked. I nodded and lay my head back against the pillow. I felt him slowly push inside me, expanding my walls more than they ever had been. I gasped at the sensation; pain, but so much pleasure. Harry’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and he began to thrust, slowly, finding a rhythm. I rolled my hips up to meet his, connecting perfectly. He grunted with each thrust, curls shaking and brow knotted. “God, you feel so fucking good Y/N.” he groaned. I gasped as he thrusted more deeply and began to pick up speed. His hips connecting with mine urgently, his breathing ragged. I could hear myself moaning but my mind was in another place. I felt Harry’s finger rub harshly against my clit, making me gasp. “Harry, Harry…” I breathed. My climax seconds away, I could feel a knot in my stomach becoming tighter and tighter. “Me too, baby.” he shouted as his thrusts became deeper than ever, more desperate. We lost our rhythm as I felt Harry release his load inside me, my orgasm ripping through me seconds later. I was seeing stars as I felt Harry soften inside me before pulling out and resting beside me. “Holy shit-” he whispered. “I know…” Harry’s eyes met mine and he cupped my face in his hands, kissing me. “We should do that more often.”

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