Midnight Sex With Harry- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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You weren’t feeling very well earlier in the evening so you had gone to lie down. You were unaware of when you had fallen asleep. Now, the soft pitter-patter of the rain drops filled your ears, and the occasional soft snore from your husband, Harry.

He was spooning you, his hand lazily draped across your waist, pulling you against him. You glanced at the clock on your night table. 12:30. You were asleep for almost 5 hours. Suddenly, you felt Harry’s strong arm tighten around your waist and you gasped quietly. You traced back earlier in the day. You were about to have sex with him, but you began to feel sick and told him no. You realized that now that you were awake, you wanted him. Badly.

You bit your lips and gently turned onto your side wrapping your arms around his bare torso as he brought his hand around your shoulder, still sleeping. You looked at him, he was like an angel when he was sleeping, But that would change soon - you thought to yourself. You began to leave small kisses on his jaw, as you ran your hand down his muscular torso. You heard him mumble something and his hand began to rub your back. You ran your hands to the top of his pyjama bottoms and stay there. You smirked as you got an idea, and slowly lifted yourself from the bed and straddling his lap.

You began to move your hips slowly against his as you reached down and kissed his neck. You felt his arms loop around your waist and he moaned softly.

His eyes fluttered open and you could feel him looking at you “Babe?” He mumbled and trailed his hands down your waist and onto your bare legs.

“Hmm?” You whispered and sat up to look at him, as you continued to grind your hips against his.

“Are you feeling better?” He whispered and you saw a cheeky smirk spread across his face.

You leaned forward and kissed his lips passionately. “Of course I am, just making up for earlier” You whispered against his ear as you slowly moved your hand into his no tight pyjama pants. He was horny, of course he was. He wanted this from earlier in the day and oh, was he gonna get it you.

Harry closed his eyes and moaned as you got off his lap and position yourself between his legs. You looked up at him and slowly removed his pyjamas, his now erect penis standing free.

“Oh baby.” you whispered and flicked your tongue over its swollen tip “No boxers. I like that.” You winked and slowly took him in, guiding your tongue along his length as he moaned loudly. You felt his hands tangle in your hair as you went down each time, guiding your movements. 

You continued to take his length in and out until your heard him moan loudly “Please babe. I want you to rock me.” He whispered and pulled you back on top of him. I will more than rock you, I will fuck you. You thought to yourself. 

He wasted no time in discarding your lace thongs, his hand now shooting under your shirt and massaging your now hard breasts. 

You moved your hips against his and moaned loudly, throwing your head back as you felt his hard erection against your center. He reached down and grabbed his length, slowly teasing your now dripping wet center. He always had this effect on you, no matter what. You weren’t in the mood for games

“I’m not in the mood for games Harry!” You all but screamed and threw your head back as you pushed yourself down on him, longing to feel him full inside you.You began to ride him slowly as you held his hands and looked at him. Your moans filled the room as you saw him close his eyes tightly as he moaned you name continuously. You rode him faster as you reached down and kissed him roughly, his hands wrapping around your waist tightly as he began to thrust into you.

You stopped moving your hips and bit down on his lip “H-Harry!” you moaned loudly and closed your eyes. You rest your head on his chest and allowed him to take over. He was always good at making you feel like this. A feeling only he could give you and a feeling you couldn’t describe.

He pulled his hands tighter around you as he began to move faster, and deeper inside you.

“Fuck, baby!” you screamed as you flicked your tongue over the swallow tattoos on his chest. That drove him crazy and you both moaned in unison. You peered up at him from his chest and he looked down at you, lust evident in his eyes. You felt his hands leave yours and then felt them snake onto your bum, squeezing it tightly.

You screamed his name and then bit your lip as you looked up at him. He did it again and you screamed even louder. He knew what spanking did to you and you loved when he did it. 

You heard a throat groan escape his lips, and you knew he was close. You sat up slowly and took control, riding him slowly then gradually picking up your speed. His eyes were closed, and he was moaning loudly and uncontrollably. You felt a familiar tingling sensation in the bottom of your stomach and you knew you were close.

You leaned forward and kissed his cheek. “Fill me up, Haz.” You whispered before you kissed his lips roughly. And as you said that, you felt a rush of warmth rushing into your center, a few seconds later you came too. You threw your head back and moaned along with Harry as you rode out your high.

You felt Harry’s hands wrap around your waist and seconds later, you were below him as he hovered over you. “Midnight sex babe?” He whispered and smirked cheekily.

You couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes, midnight sex Haz. We have to make this a regular thing.” You whispered and pecked his lips quickly.

He nodded and laughed as well “Definitely.. Midnight sex might be my favourite thing now.” He mumbled and lay beside you, pulling the covers over your bodies.

You rest your head on his chest and sighed happily “You mean like spanking me?” You laughed and traced circles on his stomach. 

No reply, you barely heard his soft snores and knew he had fallen asleep. After a few minutes, you felt your eyes getting heavy and you soon fell asleep too, your warm body wrapped closely around Harry’s.

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