Worth It- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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Harry’s gaze burrowed into the side of YN’s face, not even bothering to take into consideration that there were another 6 people around this table as well. And that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was the smirk that was plastered to his face every time he caught her looking back. They were in a fancy restaurant A restaurant too fancy for a rowdy boy band and their equally rowdy friends. 

YN felt warmth against her side and her attention was drawn towards Zayn, her best friend. “Are you alright? You’ve been really quiet.”

YN looked up to meet his eyes and smiled as convincingly as she could, nodding her head. Zayn returned the smile and leaned in to kiss her head, while wrapping his arm over the back of her chair. Across the table, Harry’s smirk fell and his jaw clenched. He knew full well they were just friends, but he was jealous that he couldn’t do that to her. His stare was interrupted by his phone vibrating in his pocket.

From YN: Stop staring Styles!

Harry looked up from his phone and over to where she sat with her eyebrow cocked. His lips lifted into a slight smile while he typed back a reply.

From Harry: I can’t help it love. Stop being so beautiful.

Everyone’s head turned when YN scoffed at his reply. She smiled shyly and played it off as something stuck in her throat.

From YN: Do girls normally fall for that crap?

Harry shot her a wink from across the table, only making YN roll her eyes.

From Harry: Please. Don’t act like you don’t like it and haven’t thought about the things I could do to you.

From under the table, YN could feel herself grow wet and her heart began to beat violently. The truth was she had. From the moment he saw him walk around topless when she was visiting Zayn, she had a constant flow of dirty thoughts running through her head. But before she could reply, her phone buzzed again.

From Harry: I thought so. All you have to do is ask babe. ;)

YN’s eyes fell on Harry and the overwhelming urge to moan came over her as she watched him swipe his tongue over his bottom lip before biting it. Suddenly feeling extremely self conscious and uncomfortable with the aching in between her legs, she excused herself from the table and made a dash for the exit for some fresh air.

As soon as the cool air hit her exposed skin, she inhaled a sharp breath and slid herself down the wall looking over a nearly empty parking lot.

“Well aren’t you a sight.” YN’s head shot up at the sound of Harry’s low voice as he stood over her. “You know it’s not healthy to be out in the freezing cold in…” He trailed off as his eyes travelled up and down her skimpily clad body, a short strapless dress being the only thing that covered it. “Well… that.”

YN sighed and stood up, pushing a piece of her long brown hair behind her ear. “What do you want Harry?”

Harry’s famous smirk lit his face up again and he took a step forward, forcing YN against the wall. “I thought we both know what I want.” His hand gripped on to her waist aggressively, while hers stayed firmly placed at her side.

YN’s eyes flickered between his eyes and lips, her breath becoming increasingly shallower. Harry took this as a sign to lean in, making their faces dangerously close to each other. But it was when his lips brushed lightly against hers, that YN lost all incentive. Her hands fisted his button down shirt and pulled him into her, crashing their lips together.

Harry’s other hand weaved into her hair, holding her against his lips while they moved slowly but surely against hers. He wanted to savor this moment that he had been waiting too long for. YN hooked a hand around the back of his head, doing the same thing, causing the kiss to become more heated, fuelled by want, by need. They both knew that it wouldn’t end here, this was just the start. So when Harry pulled away it surprised YN.

“All you have to do is ask love.” He repeated as he took a step away from her, a smirk firmly cemented into his features.

She would normally have been stubborn and refused to give into such a stupid request, but her body was screaming at her to say the word he wanted to hear. She closed the gap between them, going up onto her tiptoes to reach his ear. “Please.”

Even though she whispered it, there was an underlying sense of aggression in it which was confirmed when her teeth tugged on his earlobe. Harry wound his arms around her, letting them fall dangerously low on her back and leant down until their noses touched. “Please what?”

His hot breath sent tingles through her body and YN fought back a shiver. “Fuck me.”

Harry’s smirk turned into a genuine smile, making her melt into him even further. “It would be my pleasure.” His hand engulfed hers as he dragged her into the parking lot towards his car, unlocking it quickly and holding the back door open for her to climb in. He followed shortly after, closing the door behind him and sitting in the seat next to her.

YN swung her leg over him, straddling his lap and took no time in beginning to kiss him again, this time not holding back. His hands found her ass in second, making her dress ride up over her hips. Harry broke the kiss to look down at her, his eyebrows raised.

“Not wearing any panties?” He looked up into her eyes, taking in the menacing glint in them. “That’s hot.”

This time when their lips met, her hands tangled themselves in his hair, using them to left herself so that Harry could undo and slid his jeans down, revealing his impressive length. YN sat back down, taking his dick in her hands and began running them up and down his shaft. He panted out two short breaths, staring her dead in the eyes. When he started to get hard, she ran her thumb over his tip, spreading his pre-cum allowing her hands to slide over him more easily.

Harry’s hands covered YN’s, stopping her movements. “Stop, I need to be inside you.”

She nodded and lifted herself up slightly, positioning herself over the head of his dick, before slowly lowering herself onto it, sucking air in through her teeth until their hips met. Her head fell to his shoulder while she adjusted to his size and his lips took to her collar bone, sucking and nibbling at it while he waited for her to begin moving. And when she did, he moaned unintentionally, holding onto her hips tightly.

His hands guided her, keeping her from going too fast. Harry always liked to take it slow, making the most of every moment. As much it frustrated YN at that moment, she knew he was right, she trusted that he knew what he doing. And god did he know what he was doing.

“Tell me when you’re close.” He whispered against her lips, his eyes never leaving hers. He wanted to come with her, and he knew he could control himself until then.

YN nodded her head, finding it hard to find any words. Harry just watched her, taking in her hooded, lustful eyes, the way her lips were parted slightly, allowing an occasional moan to slip. Her hips moved like fluid, her back arching to accommodate every time she grinded into him. As much control as he normally had over his orgasms, he wondered whether he would be able to last much longer.

As she got closer to her climax, YN’s forehead rested against his and Harry used the opportunity to bite her lip playfully, watching her eyes close with pleasure as he did so. Their breath coated each other’s faces and when YN’s suddenly caught in her throat, it was replaced with a loud moan.

“Fuck Haz, I’m close.” At that moment, Harry began to raise his hips to meet her every thrust, adding more power and speed. He knew he wouldn’t be able to last long when he started doing this, so he waited until she was close.

YN’s head fell backwards at the new added pleasure while one of her hands clawed at his shirt covered chest, leaving the other one to tug at his hair. Harry’s head dipped to kiss her neck and shoulder, only bringing her closer. When her orgasm finally hit, Harry’s name left her lips and her hip movements became sloppy and slower. But it didn’t matter, because the look on her face and the way she said his name, sent Harry over the edge. They both came together, panting heavily, clutching to each other tightly for support.

When their breathing evened, their lips met again imitating their first kiss, slow and simple matching the calm afterglow.

“Totally worth the wait.”

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