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It was summer and I was outside of San Francisco in a town. I had been dating harry for about a year and we were completely in love. He was currently about to start his tour in the US.

I was trying to get him, the boys and their girlfriends to come visit me but couldn’t due to interviews and press before their concert. I was going to attend their concert until I couldn’t catch the train to Guadalajara which I was 5 hours from.

“Babe!” I said into the phone

“Hey gorgeous” Harry said

“Soo you’re going to hate me” I said nervously

“I doubt that but what’s up love?” He says

“I couldn’t catch the train to San Francisco and can’t find a ride there so I can’t make it” I said rather fast

“Are you serious babe?!” He practically yelled

“I know babe. I’m so sorry” I said

“It’s okay babe. It’s just I miss you and haven’t seen you in a month” he said trying to calm his voice

“I know babe. But hopefully I’ll see you soon cause I miss you and the boys” I said into the phone

“It’s okay. Look babe I got to go” Harry said quickly.

“Okay, bye ba…”

Then the phone line went dead. Fuck, I thought. Now I really messed it up.

*2 days later*

I haven’t really spoken to Harry which was quite odd since we text or call each other every day. I was talking to Eleanor and Perrie since they were with the boys in San Francisco and they said that Harry had been fine and was acted himself. I decided to brush it off.

I hadn’t hear from the girls, the boys or harry for over a day when I heard a knock on the door.

I walked over to the door and opened it to find harry, zayn, perrie, Louis, Eleanor, Niall & Liam standing there with suitcases and all.

“What the fuck?!” I said rather loudly

“Hi to you too babe” Harry said with a big smile on his face

I couldn’t believe it. I ran up to him and kissed him with such passion.

“I missed you so much babe” I said to Harry

“Oh yes we missed you too!” Louis said with a scoff

“Oh haha sorry guys. Hi!” I said then hugged all of them

“Come on in guys!” I said to them

We were all talking in the living room when it occurred to me that they should be in San Francisco

“Wait!” I said

“Aren’t you guys supposed to be in San Francisco?” I asked

“Well we knew how much Mr. Hazza missed you so we rescheduled out interviews for another day and took the train here” Louis said

“Awww really babe?” I said to Harry, cuddling into him on the couch

“Anything for you babe” he said

“You’re amazing” I said kissing him

“Get a room” Niall yelled.

“Maybe we will” I said to Niall cheekily

We ended up talking for a couple hours and ended up watching my favorite movie, The Notebook. Halfway through everyone fell asleep on the couch except me. I was wrapped up in Harry’s arms and was sexually frustrated.

I hadn’t had sex in over a month and was extremely frustrated. When the movie was over, I was bored and decided to do something about it. Since Hazz was sleeping and wanted him badly, I decided to wake him up.

I started leaving little kisses all over his face. He shifted a bit, but nothing. He didn’t wake up. I started leaving small pecks on his lips and his nose, but nothing again. He just wiggled his nose. Okay, now I was getting pissed off. I could see a little smirk on his face and knew he was awake and was not doing anything on purpose.

I started sucking on his neck harshly, leaving love bites all over him. What turned me on even more was his tattoos. I had always been a sucker for tattoos and he knew it. I started leaving him marks over his collar bones and back of his ear. Still nothing.

I could see his bulge increasing and I was damn proud of it. I decided to start making out with him even if he wasn’t going to kiss back. I started palming him through his jeans and knew I had him when he put his hands on my bum.

It was about time he started doing something to me. He especially loved that I had gotten my web pierced and could play with it with his tongue when we were making out.


I ended up straddling him and entertaining my hands in his hair while he grabbed my bum. We were both in a heated make out session basically dry humping each other when I realized we were still in the living room with the other guys and girls.

“Babe, let’s go up to my room,” I told harry

“mhmmm” he mumbled while leaving love bites on my neck.

He lifted me up and kept kissing me while we were going up my stairs. I had managed to take off his shirt on our way up and left is sprawled on the stairs somewhere.

He opened my room door and led me towards the bed where he put me down and he was on top of me. He kissed me with such passion while I grabbed the back of his neck.


I started taking off his pants and rubbing him through his boxers. I slid down his boxers to find an erect penis. I started rubbing his shaft up and down.

“Fuck (y/n)” I heard harry moan

I started teasing harry. I played with the tip of his penis, circling my tongue around it and making him feel my piercing.



I took his whole length into my mouth, earning a loud moan from harry

“Ugh, yeah (y/n), right there” I heard him say

I fit his whole length into my mouth which wasn’t easy to do. I was rubbing his balls at the same time. I felt him twitch into my mouth.

“Fuck, I’m about to cum babe” harry said

I started sucking him harder and faster. Moans filled the room and soon enough harry came into my mouth.

I swallowed all of it to Harry’s astonishment

“Yum” I said to harry with a wink

“Your turn babe” harry said cheekily

Harry slowly took of my shirt and my bra, leaving me in my panties

“So beautiful babe” he said, while kissing me from my breasts to my clit

He left little kisses around my thighs and eventually landing to my clit. He started rubbing it and I couldn’t help but moan in satisfaction.

He licked my folds until he plunged his tongue into me


My head fell back because of all of the pleasure I was receiving.

“ugh, god hazz” I moaned

I could feel him smirk against me and knew he was feeling a sense of pride.

“Babe, I’m getting close” I said, barely audible

He then gave me a smirk and stopped.

“What the fuck hazz!” I yelled. I’m pretty sure everyone else heard too.

“Oops. I guess my tongue slipped out” he said

“My ass” I said

Harry then put his length into me without any warning


“What were you saying babe?” he said with a grin plastered on his face

“Fuck you” I managed to say

“Too late babe, I’m already doing that to you” he said

He kept going in and out of me. I could still never get used to how big harry was.

“right there hazz” I moaned

Going in and out of me I kept hearing him grunt.

“Fuck babe, you’re so tight” I heard him say

“Get on all fours” I heard him growl

I got on all fours like he said. He teased my entrance for a bit until I yelled at him

He put himself in me and grabbed my hips. He started rocking me back and forth. He started slow but gradually started increasing the speed.

“Right there babe. Fuck” I moaned

It was my turn to be in charge. I flipped him over since he was on top and slowly slid myself on to him.

I was going up and down his length at a steady pace wanting to feel every inch of him. Every time I would go up get would grab my breast with his mouth.


The mood in the room changed. In the beginning we were yearning for each other. We still were but we started from having rough sex to sweet sex if that makes any sense. We were just enjoying ourselves.

He then turned us around. He was on top now and we were just making love.


He was going slow and sweet. I could feel every inch of him and he could feel everything in me.

We were both coming to our peak

“Hazz I’m getting close” I said

“Me too babe” he said, then pecked my lips

Moments later we both “came together. I loved the feeling of him inside me. I just loved him.

He went off of me and we just stayed cuddled together until we fell asleep. Moments like these made me miss him.


I woke up the next morning with the biggest smile on my face. I turned my body to grab harry, only to find an empty spot next to me. Great, I thought to myself.

“hazz” I groaned.

“Be right out love” I heard him say from the bathroom.

“Hurry, babe I’m cold” I said

Moments later I felt him wrap his arms around my waist.

“Do you love meeee?” I asked playfully

“What do you want love?” he said

Every time I asked him that is because I usually wanted him to do something for me.

“Can you make me breakfast babe?” I asked then pecked his lips

“No problem love” he said with a smile

“Actually, I’m just kidding. You’re the guest here, I should be making you breakfast” I said with my thinking face

“You look really cute when you’re thinking babe” he said and pecked my nose

“Yeah whatever” I said

I started getting up from the bed and going through Harry’s suitcase. I grabbed a pair of his boxers and an oversized shirt.

“Oh yeah, no problem love. Just go through my clothes” he said teasingly

“Well don’t mind if I do” I said winking at him

We both walked out of the room hand in hand to the kitchen only to find the rest of the guys and girls there.”

“Good morning” harry and I said together

“Morning” they all say

“Whoa! That’s a massive love bite you’ve got there (y/n)” niall said

I looked at my neck and sure enough there was a love bite. But this one, unlike the other ones harry has given me, was bigger. And sure enough when I looked down my shirt were a trail of love bites.

“Well what the hell do you expect niall? They were getting it on like there wasn’t a tomorrow” Louis said

“Kill me now” I said

Harry yawned and was stretching his hands up when zayn yelled.

“He’s got love bites too!” zayn hollered

And sure enough there were. I lifted his shirt up only to see a trail of love bites on his “V” line leading to… well you get the point.

“Atta girl!” I head Perrie, Eleanor and Danielle holler

“He should know better than to leave love bites on you” Perrie said

I just looked up at them and I could feel myself getting red

“Hush, excuse me” I said walking to the stove

“Aww, she’s as red a tomato” Liam said

I just groaned in frustration, receiving laughs from everyone else

“Awww, no need to be embarrassed babe” harry said coming up behind me and hugging me

“Easy for you to say” I grumbled

He started leaving kissed up and down my neck. He knew that was my weakness.

I turned around and started full on making out with him. He grabbed me by the ass and started walking out of the kitchen.



We heard groans, I presume from the girls, and whistles from the guys.

“Get her hazza!” was one out of all the profanities we heard

“Use protection, I have some in my dresser” I heard someone say

I flipped them all off and presumed going upstairs

“Wait, my breakfast” I told hazz

“Trust me babe you’ll have time for that later” harry winked

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