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"Hey." Ace slid into the seat next to Indianna and she briefly looked up at him before looking back down at her notebook. "Don't do the silent thing me with," he said with a laugh. "I know you talk to Greyson, and I am a lot nicer than Greyson."
But you can't talk to me in your head, she thought. She was a shy person, but she wasn't with Greyson and it was confusing her. Was it the whole mind speaking thing? Or did she just feel... Normal around him?
Indianna nervously bit the end of her pen and sighed, looking up at Ace. "...Hi."
Ace smiled brightly at her. "Hey, so how you finding it here?"
Indianna paused for a moment, pondering her answer. "Invasive," she finally replied.
Ace laughed and grinned sheepishly at Indianna. "Sorry."
She shrugged and looked back at her notebook.
"Greyson mentioned that you weren't feeling too well the other day, are you okay now?"
"Fine," she muttered, but it wasn't completely true. The sick feeling had come back slightly and was coming and going, there was a constant dull ache in the back of her head.
"You sure?"
"Fine," she repeated and narrowed her eyes at her notebook. Did Ace know about her and Greyson being able to communicate in their minds? Well, Indianna couldn't start the conversation, Greyson had to be in her mind for her to be able to talk to him.
Thinking about how this was possible made Indianna's head ache even more.
"Do you know?" She asked quietly, not looking up from her notebook.
"Know?" Ace furrowed his eyebrows at Indianna and looked at her. "Know what?"
"We can talk," Indianna started, but paused to see Ace's expression, it was blank. "In our... Minds. I'm not crazy-"
"Yes, I know," Ace cut her off and nodded his head. "I know you can do that."
"You do?
"Yes, I do."
"Can you tell me how?"
Ace sighed and shook his head, smiling sadly at Indianna. "I'm afraid I can't, Greyson's orders."
"So you know how?"
"Yes, but I can't say. I know you are probably extremely curious, but you will find out eventually. When Greyson says the time is right."
"I want to know now."
"You can't, Indianna."
"That will be explained along with everything else, soon."
"He said some weird things."
"He spoke to my mother."
"What did he say?"
"Ask him yourself. You seem to know more about me than I do."
"It will all be expla-"
"Explained," she snapped, gritting her teeth together. "You've said that."
"But it will, Indianna. At the right-"
"Time," she cut him off again. "You and Greyson have said that as well."
"It's true," he shrugged.
"Whatever," she muttered.
"Don't be angry, Indianna."
"Sorry," she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.
"Seriously, Indianna. We aren't keeping things from you to anger you."
"Really?" She scoffed and sighed. "Just leave me, Ace."
"Please, if you can't give me answers-"
"Okay, I'll stay quiet," he said and Indianna nodded.
It was lunch and Indianna went to the library again. She didn't go to her locker to grab her lunch, she didn't want to risk bumping into Greyson. She kept her head down as he weaved her way through the crowds of students. She didn't know how, but everyone seemed to know who she was. All of the girls were giving her sly looks or 'accidentally' crashing into her. The boys were all looking her up and down, but no one approached her.
Greyson had probably scared everyone off when he punched that guy.
"Indianna!" Brooke appeared out of thin air and grinned brightly at Indianna, stopping her at the entrance of the library. "D'you wanna sit with us in the canteen?"
"Oh, I'm er... No thanks, I need to do some homework," Indianna stuttered and Brooke frowned.
"You said that the other day, most teachers haven't even started giving out homework yet." Brooke's expression saddened slightly. "Are you trying to avoid me?"
"N-no!" Indianna's eyes widened. "I'm not! I just... Don't like lots of people."
"I get that you're shy sweetie, but it's good to get to know people. You should come to the canteen, it's boring and dull in the library."
"It's peaceful," Indianna murmured, shrugging her shoulders. "I like it."
"Fine, but do you promise to let me introduce you to people soon?"
Indianna shifted awkwardly on her feet and crossed her arms over her chest. "Erm..."
"Um... Okay?" Indianna finally gave in and tried to force a smile when Brooke squealed.
"Yay! Right, well I've got to go, Harry is looking for me." She rolled her eyes, but Indianna could tell by the goofy grin on Brooke's face that she was happy about this.
"Bye," Indianna said and Brooke rushed off. Indianna sighed and went into the library, sitting at a table near the back.
"Something is not right with you."
Indianna jumped when Cassie sat down next to her and she rose her eyebrows questioningly. "Why?"
"You're new, you don't know anyone and you turn down an invitation to sit with the most popular group in the whole school!" Cassie grinned sheepishly at Indianna. "I overheard you speaking with Brooke."
"So how comes you don't want to be with that lot? It's all around the school that Greyson is interested in you, yet you seem to be avoiding them."
"He is n-not interested in m-me!" Indianna stuttered and shook her head.
"Oh sure!" Cassie laughed and wiggled her eyebrows. "The only girl he talks too is Brooke, and he see's her like a sister. You never said why you are avoiding them?"
"I'm an introvert," Indianna shrugged and frowned slightly when she felt the pushing feeling in her head. "I'm not good with people, new people."
"So? Just sitting with those guys would be an honour!"
"They're that popular?" Indianna whispered and Cassie nodded.
"Greyson Evans is the envy of every girl in this town! For him to take notice in a new kid is... Unheard of!"
*I'm just loved so much.*
Indianna didn't even want to imagine the smirk on his face and she tried to ignore him. How he knew what she was doing and what was going on around her made her nervous. How he could push his way into her mind and even see what she was seeing confused her so much.
"I wish he'd just leave me alone," Indianna muttered. *Take the hint, Greyson.*
"Now that's a first," Cassie laughed.
*Why are you talking to this nerd?*
*Go away.*
*She's a freak, sugar. Don't associate with the likes of her.*
*So I should associate with the likes of you?*
*That sounds like a great idea.*
*Piss off.* Indianna looked at Cassie and shrugged.
"I'm not good with people."
*That wasn't very nice, sugar.*
*Neither was you saying that Cassie was a freak.*
*So that's her name...*
*Yes, that's her name.* Indianna gritted her teeth and looked at Cassie who was raising her eyebrows at Indianna. "What?"
"You have a zoned out look on your face, are you alright?" Cassie wondered.
"I've just got a headache," Indianna muttered and Greyson laughed in her head.
*Nice talking to you too, sugar.*
"Oh right, so you don't like Greyson then? Like at all?"
Indianna shrugged, wishing that Cassie would stop talking about Greyson.
*I quite like her talking about me.*
"No." Indianna shook her head and shrugged. "I don't like assholes." Cassie laughed loudly when Indianna said this and grinned sheepishly at the librarian who frowned at her.
"It's just him, Ace is the normal one out of them. Kal is the biggest sarcastic dick ever and Harry is the quiet, mysterious dude."
"He and Brooke..."
"Oh yeah, them two are totally smitten! Brooke hates to admit it, but she is head over heels for him! She gets annoyed easily by Greyson and that group, so she tries to stay away from them, but she can't be away from Harry no matter how much she tries."
"Cute," Indianna muttered.
*Yeah, it's freaking adorable.* His tone was dry and sarcastic and it made Indianna narrow her eyes.
"I don't think Brooke sees it that way," Cassie giggled and pulled some books out of her bag. She opened them up and took out her pen. "Sorry, I need to finish my notes from our last class."
"It's fine." Indianna leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms over her chest. Her mind wandered from the confusion Greyson was causing her and to her mother.
The car ride in the morning had be horrible. She didn't want to be mean to her mother, but she couldn't help it. Her mother didn't use to care, Indianna thought that she still didn't. Their relationship was ruined, it could never be fixed.
Her mother just had to accept that.
*Sugar, I want you to come to the canteen.*
*I want you to give me some answers, but it seems that we don't always get what we want.*
*Ah, but that's where you're wrong. I get what I want.*
*Prepare to be disappointed.*
*I always get what I want, Indie.*
*If only I could be so lucky.*
*Sugar, in case you have forgotten, I have a lovely little trick where I can make you feel extreme pain. Come to the canteen and you won't have to worry about that happening.*
*You're blackmailing me!*
*Hmm, seems like I am.*
*You're evil!* Indianna snapped in her head, but Greyson wasn't bothered.
*No, I just like getting what I want. So are you coming?*
Indianna gritted her teeth, but suddenly the bell rang and relief flooded her.
*Saved by the bell,* he chuckled.
*Goodbye, Greyson.*

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