IV- Sick

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"How was school?" Indianna's mum asked when she walked into her house later that day.
"It was school," Indianna shrugged and walked up the stairs to her room. She walked in and sat on her bed, opening her laptop. Her room was pretty bare. There were boxes stacked up and pushed against the wall, the walls were a boring beige colour and the only furniture she had was her bed, wardrobe and a chest of draws. She still had to unpack a lot.
She stayed on her laptop for a few hours, scrolling through Tumblr and stalking Dylan O'Brien and Andy Biersack on Twitter. It was how she spent most evenings. She only got up to pee and eat.
"Indianna, dinner's ready!" Indianna pried her eyes away from her laptop screen that was making her eyes water when she blinked, and looked at the door.
"I'll be down in a minute!" She called and shut her laptop. With a loud yawn, she climbed off her bed and walked over to the door, but as soon as her hand touched the doorknob, her stomach churned and her hand flew to her mouth. She rushed the bathroom connecting to her room and spewed the contents of her gut into the toilet. She chucked her beanie on the floor and tied her hair back just as she puked again.
"Oh God," she moaned and she felt the pushing feeling in her head. The voice however, didn't say anything. She puked again and slumped down onto the floor, leaning her head against the wall. She sat there for a few minutes, waiting to see if she would be sick again, but fortunately she wasn't.
She groaned and pulled herself up from the floor, flushing the toilet and washing her mouth out with water. She suddenly didn't feel like eating.
Like a sloth, she slowly made her way downstairs and into the kitchen. "Mum, I'm not hungry," she said and turned back around, going back up to her room. She collapsed on her bed and closed her eyes, sleep took her within seconds.
It was dark when Indianna woke up. Her bed sheets were twisted around her legs and she was sweating like a pig. She groaned and sat up, pressing her palm to her forehead. The voice was in her head, like before she went to bed. It wasn't saying anything which creeped her out.
Her whole body ached and it felt like she was bruised all over. She managed to get out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom, using the wall for support. She turned the shower on and looked in the mirror, cringing at what she saw.
There were dark circles under her eyes and her face was slick with sweat. Her hair was matted to her head and her usually tanned skin was a sickly grey. She stripped out of her clothes and stepped into the shower, hoping the hot water would soothe her aching body.
I didn't.
It made her feel worse, when she climbed out of the shower she was burning up and her skin felt like she had extreme pins and needles. She wrapped her towel around her and splashed her face with cold water, but it did nothing for her temperature. She managed to make it back to her room and she fell onto her bed, too exhausted to dry herself. She just laid there until she dried off.
She didn't know what was wrong with her, she was just grateful that she hadn't been sick again.
It was only 7am when Indianna finished getting dressed. She had fallen asleep in her towel for an hour, but she awoke to the feeling of wanting to puke, luckily she didn't.
She was still hot and her temperature seemed to be raising so she chose to wear some denim shorts and a loose white vest top. She threw her dark brown hair, that was still slightly damp, up into a messy bun and put her glasses on. She could see without them, but she needed them for close up things like reading, so she chose to leave them on, it was easier than hunting through her bag to find them.
*Why are you going to school, you are clearly ill, sugar.*
*You took your time to speak up.*
*How did you know I was already in your head.*
*I can sense you.*
*Right. So why are you going to school?*
*It's my second day, I can't skip.*
*Yes you can.*
*No, besides, I am not being stuck at home with my mother.*
*You don't get along?*
*Not really.* Indianna shoved her bare feet into a pair of black converses and layed down on her bed, closing her eyes.
*That shouldn't be the reason you are going to school.*
*Well, it's one of them.*
*You should stay at home, sugar.*
*I'm fine, this will probably all be gone in a couple of hours.* She sounded like she wasn't only trying to convince the voice, but herself too.
*Hmm, sure.*
*I'm just going to go slee-* She didn't finish the end of the sentence because sleep had already taken over, she welcomed it eagerly.


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