III- Pain

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It was finally lunch and Indianna couldn't be happier. She just wanted to find a quiet corner of the library and be by herself. During her third lesson she had Ace trying to talk to her and then Brandon in the fourth. She wasn't good with people.

She was better alone.
The voice hadn't spoken to her again and Indianna smiled as she opened her locker; maybe she was just nervous and was imagining it? She could hope. She placed her books into her locker and when she shut it, Brooke appeared out of nowhere.

"Indianna!" She grinned, making Indianna jump from fright.

"You scared me," Indianna mumbled and Brooke smiled apologetically.

"Sorry," she laughed. "So I thought, considering you don't know anyone, that you could sit with me and my friends at lunch?"
"Oh..." Indianna bit her lip. "Um, thanks, but I was going to go and do some homework."
"You don't want to meet everyone?"
"I'm fine," Indianna shrugged and Brooke looked at someone behind Indianna.
"I told you that you were a social outcast." Indianna turned round to see Greyson looking down at her, a smirk plastered on his lips.
"Greyson!" Brooke gasped and he grinned.

"What? It's the truth."

"You're an asshole, but you don't see me telling you that."
"Well you kinda just did," he trailed off and winked at Indianna, making her raise her eyebrows at him.

"Oh shut up," Brooke snapped.

"You better watch your mouth, Brooklyn," he warned with a cocky smile. "I found Harry and he's looking for you."

"Tell him to bugger off," she shrugged and looked back at Indianna just as Ace and Kal walked up to Greyson with another guy that Indianna didn't recognise.
"Speak of the devil," Greyson murmured and looked at the guy, nodding in a greeting. Brooke looked at the guy and narrowed her eyes when he turned to face her.
"Avoiding me, are we?" He wondered and walked up to Brooke, pushing her up against the lockers. "I don't appreciate being ignored, Brooke."

"I... Er... Well you see-"

The guy laughed and kissed her on the lips, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her towards him.

"Get off me, Harry," Brooke said, placing her hands against his chest.

"Shut up and kiss me, Brooke," the guy demanded and surprisingly, Brooke did.
"I think I'm going to puke." Indianna looked at Greyson when he said this, then to Ace and Kal then back to Greyson.

"Well, I'm going to go," she said quietly and span round and walked off before they could say anything. She managed to find the library and she sat down near the back, taking out her earphones and getting lost in the music. She didn't have any homework to do, she just said that to Brooke so she could get out of meeting lots of people.
Indianna sighed when she heard the voice and tried to ignore it.
*Indianna, I do not like being ignored.*
*Leave me alone.*
She tried to distract herself from the invading feeling in her head by playing Flappy Birds on her phone, but the voice spoke again.

She didn't reply and scowled at the screen when she died, she only got to 9 points.
*Indianna!* The loudness of the voice made her jump and she gritted her teeth. Suddenly a searing pain went shooting through her head and she clutched her head, squeezing her eyes shut in pain.
*What are you doing!* She didn't think she could yell in her head, but she did. *Stop it! It hurts!*
*Then don't ignore me,* the voice snapped. *Apologise, sugar.*

*Make it stop!* She begged. *Please!*

*Okay, I'm sorry!* She whimpered and slowly the pain faded. She rubbed her head and glared at the table. *What the hell is wrong with you!*
*I get angry easily, so I advise you do as I say unless you want that to happen again.*
*You're mental!*
*No, I just get angry easily,* the voice repeated and Indianna sighed, leaning back in her chair.
*Please, just tell me what you want with me.* Her voice was pleading and the voice was silent for a moment.

*I want to, sugar-*

*Don't call me sugar.*
*Don't interrupt. I want to tell you, but I don't know if you are ready.*
*Ready for what?*
*The truth.**
What do you mean?*
*I can't tell you until you are ready, sugar.*
*But I'm scared, you are scaring me,* she admitted.
*I'm sorry about that, Indie. I don't mean to.*
*Then answer me one question.*

*That depends on what the question is.*
*Do you go to this school?*

*Yes, I do.*
*Are you in-*
*Only one question, sugar.*


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