II- Greyson

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"Hello, Indianna." Greyson sat down next to her and linked his fingers together on the desk. He turned his head to look at her and she bit her lip nervously. "This is the part where you say hi, otherwise it would be considered rude."

"Oh, sorry," she whispered and coughed. "Hi." There was a twinkle of amusement in his eyes and he chuckled ever so slightly.

"I don't think I introduced myself last lesson. I'm Greyson Evans. "He had an aura of confidence and it also screamed cocky.

"Yeah, Brooke told me."

"Ah Brooklyn," he said. "She's a character. Brandon however, he's a miserable dick."

"He seems nice."

"Yeah, he's a big cuddly teddy bear," he said dryly and smirked. "Not everyone in this town is who they say they are."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Just be careful who you make friends with."

"But Brandon and Brooke-"

"They are good people, but I just don't get along with Brandon. I'm not talking about them."

"I've not met anyone else."

Unless the voice in her head counted.

"I'm not surprised."


"I mean, you are just so approachable," he said sarcastically and smiled cockily at her. "Relax, Indie-"


"I felt like giving you a nickname," he shrugged. "Just roll with it. Seriously, Indie, don't stress about not talking to people, you're shy, I get it. Well I don't, I'm not shy, but I can try and understand your shyness."

"Thanks a lot," she muttered and rolled her eyes.

"You are very welcome," he smirked. "It's not everyday I get to help a social outcast."

"I'm not a social-"

"I'm teasing," he said and chuckled. "Besides, you should be grateful, do you know how many girls would kill to be in your position?"

An extremely shy girl with a weird voice speaking to her in her head, she couldn't really see how that was true.


"Indie, all the girls want me," he smirked and leaned back in his seat, crossing his arms over his chest. "With a click of my fingers, I could have anything I wanted."

"Oh," she said and nodded, looking down at her hands. She wasn't good with conversations, she wasn't good at being social in general.

"So why did you move? Your accent, you're British right?"

Indianna nodded and shrugged her shoulders. "My mum wanted a change of scenery," she said quietly.

"Do you live with your father?"

"No," she whispered. "He's... Away."

"Right." Greyson nodded slowly and pursed his lips. "Away," he murmured.

"Why are you talking to me?" Indianna rose an eyebrow at Greyson who shrugged.

"Because I want to, and I always get what I want."

"Oh. Right."

"How old are you, Indie?"

"I've just turned 17." She was getting irritated with the questions now. She didn't like discussing herself with anyone.

"Really?" Greyson arched a brow and nodded slightly. "Why are you in a class with 18 year olds? You're in the year below. aren't you?"

"Apparently, I'm smart."

"Must be," he murmured and suddenly he leaned forward and grabbed Indianna's wrist. "What's this?"

She gasped and looked at her wrist, trying to yank it away. His hold was firm and it wasn't moving. "G-Greyson," she whispered and he turned so he was facing her, he rested his elbow on the table and looked expectantly at Indianna. "What are you doing?"

"I'm asking the questions, Indie." She frowned when he said this, the voice in her head said the exact same thing.
"Please," she muttered and tried to pull her hand free. "I don't feel comfortable."

"Answer my question." There was a sternness to his voice that caused a shiver of fear to run down Indianna. He turned her arm so the inside of her wrist was facing upwards and she groaned quietly. She had tried to keep it covered with bracelets, but they had all fallen down her arm.

"You can see what it is," she whispered.
"How did you get it?"

"How else do you get a scar of a bite mark on your wrist? You get bitten." She cringed when she said this.

"You were attacked."

Indianna shrugged her shoulders and Greyson sighed.
"I don't like being ignored." She looked up into his dark eyes and bit her lip. He was starting to scare her.
"Yes, I was," she gulped, "attacked."
He nodded and dropped her wrist, but as soon as she was free she jumped up from her seat. "Where do you think you're going?" Greyson stood up and grabbed Indianna by the waist, pushing her back into the seat.
"What is your problem?" She hissed and pressed her palm to her forehead. Not only was he scaring her, he was angering her. "Do you like terrorizing new girls?" She went to get up again, but Greyson rose his eyebrows and shook his head.
"Don't move."
"You can't tell me what to do!" She snapped and stood up, but Greyson was in front of her immediately.
"I said," he growled and grabbed Indianna by her arm. "Don't move! Now sit the fuck down and do as I say."
"You're not my father," she spat but she couldn't fight him of when he pushed her back into her seat again. Indianna was quite patient, she didn't get angry easily, but when she did, the anger overpowered the shyness.
"So it's anger," he said after a moment of silence.
"Anger makes you confident, it helps you to stand up for yourself."
"You did that on purpose, to piss me off."
"I was experimenting," he shrugged and moved his chair back, giving Indianna space. "My experiment was successful."
"Why? Why did you do that, you were scaring me!"
"And I'm sorry for that, but I needed to see something."
"Which was?"
"Don't worry about it."
"Tell me, Greyson!"
"It's not the right time."
The voice said that to her earlier.
*It's you.* She wasn't sure if she was going to get a reply, but as she said it she looked at Greyson's expression. His lips twitched upwards ever so slightly, but other than that, his expression was blank.
*I have no idea what you are talking about.* Even though she spoke first, the voice still made her jump. She frowned when she realised she could feel the person in her head. It was as if he was pushing his way through her mind and invading her privacy. Was it possible that this guy could read her mind?
"Are you okay?" Greyson asked with a small smirk.
"Fine," she muttered.
*Yes you do.*
*No, I'm afraid I don't.*
*Just tell me who the hell you are! And what you are doing in my head! Wait, can you read my mind?*
*Which one shall I answer first?* There was a teasing tone to his voice and Indianna knew that he wasn't going to answer her questions. *Bingo.* The voice said and chuckled. *I can answer the last question, yes I can read your mind.*
*But how?*
*I can't answer that one, Indie.*
She gasped the the voice said this and she looked at Greyson who rose his eyebrows at her. "Yes? Have I got something on my face or..."
"No, it's nothing," she said and shook her head.
*You're going to drive me insane.* She snapped.
*Glad I could be of service, sugar.*
*I like nicknames.*
*I don't like it.*
*Then it's perfect.* Indianna knew that if she was looking at this guy in real life, he would be smirking. She'd had two conversations with him and she already hated him. *Aren't you just a bundle of joy?*
*Leave me alone.*
*You're no fun.*
*Get out of my head!*
*I'll be back.* A second later, the presence was gone from her head and she let out a long breath.
"You alright, Indie?" Greyson asked and Indianna shrugged.
"I have no idea."

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