XLVII- Make Up Sex

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"How long are you going to avoid him for?" Brooke asked, looking at Indianna in the reflection of the mirror.

"You can't really call it avoiding," Indianna grumbled and tied her hair up into a high ponytail. She stood up from the chair and grabbed her brown leather jacket from her bed, shrugging it on. "Not when I end up ill and in excruciating pain when I'm away from him for long periods of time."

"What do you do?" Brooke wondered. "To stop the pain you have to touch each other, at least Harry and I do. Usually we just fu-" Brooke coughed and Indianna laughed slightly, rolling her eyes. "You and Greyson obviously don't do that... So how do you make the pain go?"

"Very awkwardly," Indianna muttered. "Especially when every fibre in my body wants to forgive him and be with him. The bond is stronger now I've shifted. I didn't think it could be, but it just makes me want him more."

"Does it make you want him enough to have sex with him?" Brooke asked and Indianna's mouth dropped.

"Brooke!" Indianna gasped.

"Oh, come on, Indie! You may be arguing, but I've seen the way you look at him. Even at the lake party! You want him. It's going to happen sooner or later."

"Later," Indianna blushed and Brooke chuckled.

"I disagree," Brooke grinned and linked her arm with Indianna's. "I have a good feeling."

"Brooke," Indianna frowned, "we're currently arguing."

"I am aware of that."

"Then why do you think we are going to have sex?"

"Make up sex, hun."


Indianna sat down in class and sighed. It felt weird being back at school. She felt like a stranger.

Indianna took out her notebook and waited for the teacher to arrive. The teacher's punctuality at the school still sucked.

"There's only so long you can ignore me for," Greyson said. "You can pretend like I'm not here all you want, it won't make a difference."

Indianna opened her notebook and started to doodle. She had to do anything to distract herself from Greyson.

Just his presence made her body fill with sparks. His scent was intoxicating. The hand on Indianna's thigh was making it extremely hard to focus on the doodles she was trying to distract herself with.

Indianna gasped when Greyson's hand moved further up her thigh and she growled lowly, slapping his hand away. "Do not touch me," she hissed.

"Why? Scared you won't want me to stop?" Greyson said smugly, already knowing Indianna's answer.

Indianna ignored Greyson and paid attention to her doodles. Trying to be angry at someone you were destined to be with was tough.

"Then don't," Greyson said.

"Stay out of my head!" Indianna snapped.

"Just get over the argument," Greyson said. "You're going to forgive me sooner or later."

"You were a complete asshole!" Indianna gasped. "You can't expect me to forgive the way you spoke to me! It was horrible, Greyson!"

"And I've told you I didn't mean it. I'm an Alpha, my job is stressful, and I admit I took some of my anger out on you. You didn't deserve that and I've apologised for it," Greyson said with a dismissive shrug of his shoulders.

"Can you even act apologetic? You sound like you don't give a shit!" Indianna said, trying to keep her voice quiet in the class.

"It's because you giving me the silent treatment and acting pissy over this is pointless."

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