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Pen Your Pride

hey guys! so i'm back from my vacation in Texas(: It's so over populated there! If you ever go, don't go to North Star Mall! It's super crowded! and I bought Converse boots, and they were 70 DOLLARS!! Wow. Anywhoo, thanks to everyone for commenting and voting and  new fans :DD Love ya! Also! Please read 'My Moment' if you love sad romances :)

Here's the Cast!!

Nina Dobrev as Ashton Leigh

Daniel Kelly as Jesse Hart

Emily Osment as Taylor Simmons

Chris Colfer as Craig Black

Reese Whitherspoon as Linda Leigh

Joey King as Sophia Leigh

Nina is in Vampire Diaries.

Daniel is in Degrassi.

Emily was on Hannah Montana.

Chris is on Glee.

Reese was in Sweet Home Alabama and Legally Blonde.

Joey was in Ramona and Beezus.

I Forgot Your Name. Can I Just Call You Mine?


I hadn't expected dinner to go that well. Don't get me wrong, I was happy it did, but I just didn't expect it. Since Jesse had been here, he hadn't really made any perverted comments. It was a relief, but also kind of annoying. I didn't like to be wrong.

When breakfast was ready, I led Sophia down the stairs and she immediately jumped into the chair next to mom, throwing a smirk my way. At first, I was confused, then saw that the only empty seat was next to Jesse, who was already sat down, not paying attention to me. I glared at her, recieving a scolding look from mom and confusing look from dad, and sat down next to Jesse.

He smiled at me as I sat down, causing my eyebrows to furrow together. Where's the mean flirt I expected?

I glared back at him and took a bite of my omelet. Mom really did go overboard, I though to myself. There was so much piled onto everyone's plate. It surprised me when I heard a fork clank onto a plate five minutes later and I looked up and Jesse was done. Holy cow! I looked back to my plate with my mouth open. I hadn't even finished my omelet! I gaped at him and he just smirked at me. Ha! There it is! That's what I've been looking for!

I glared at him and stuffed the omlet in my mouth, swallowing quickly and smirking at him. He laughed at me. I stuck my tongue out at him. Nobody noticed our little bickering contest, and if they did, they didn't say anything. After the long breakfast, mom tried to make me show Jesse around.

"No mom!" I begged.

She gave me the evil eye.

"Sophia can do it!" I reminded her.

She was about to argue when Sophia came boucing into the room. "Can I, can I, can I?" she exclaimed.

My mom eyed me before answering. "Fine." then turned back to the dishes.

I sighed in relief and went to go upstairs and saw Sophia dragging Jesse, her small hand in his big one. I rolled my eyes when I heard him complaining. I crossed my arms over my chest and went to my room, grabbed a pair of jean shorts, and a white tank top. There. Comfortable again, I thought, after I changed into them. I sighed to myself. This is so not going as expected.


What is wrong with me? I thought, as Sophia led me through all the rooms in the house. Why am I smiling at Ashton? No wonder she is glaring at me! My badboy interior must be deflating. I think she's mad because she expected the real me to be here. Maybe he should be. I don't like this nice one, that smiles a lot. Think of it this way, if I'm a jerk, I won't get attached, and neither will anyone else. If I'm nice, they'll grow to like me, and I'll have to like them back. That's why I'm a jerk. I had a bad experience once. With Sarah... I shook my  head. Sarah is gone now. There's no reason to dwell on the past.

It's over.

Don't hate me! I know it's super short! But it's just a little short filler. I wanted you to see what's going on with Jesse, and why he is the way he is, and why he's acting all different. So there ya go! Please comment, vote, fan, etc!! :D

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