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"Ah! You just spread the Mayo on your lips! Hahaha!" You bursted out laughing at Yunhyeong. He wiped his lips with his index finger.

You looked at him for just a second while wiping the Mayo on his lips and glanced away. I don't like this scenario. He's looking so hot again. Duh, you're so ugly Yunhyeong. You thought.

"If you think you're looking so handsome while you're doing that? It's a big no." You said sarcastically. He just sat near beside you.

"Really? Then why are you looking at me like that?" He leaned closer to you, making you blink many times.

You pushed his chest.

"Eew! Stop assuming." You bit some of your jolly hotdog to break the awkwardness between the two of you.

After a minute, you looked at the entrance of the canteen and got froze for a moment.

"Who are you looking at?" Yunhyeong asked, but you ignored him. Cause you just saw Mark, a popular soccer player in your university. He's also a sophomore like you.

"Oh. Him again. Why are you so addicted to that playboy? He's no good for you."

"Firstly, I'm not addicted to him cause he's... Just my crush. Lastly, he's not mine for you to say that he's not good for me. So what? I like him." While looking at him, you saw his face floundered. He weared his cap and stood up, packing up his bag.

"See you later afternoon. Bye." He quickly jumped off his seat from his seat and jogged away.

"What happened to Yunhyeong?" You asked yourself, scratching your nape.


"Yunhyeong!" You called him and he turned around in a sudden. You thought he'll wave at you but he just continued walking.

"Wait!" You ran until you slung your arm around his shoulder.

"Are you alright? Did I did something that made you feel bad?" His lips turned into a half smile. He pinched your cheeks.

"I'm okay. You're so cute when you feel worried. Haha." You felt another flutter of those sparks, though you know that you did your best to shove them aside. But you can't really resist Yunhyeong.

You punched his arm playfully.

"Stop saying cheesy words." You rolled your eyes and started walking.

"You still have classes?" He asked, breaking the silence.

"None. Actually I'm planning to go the open field but then I saw you walking at the hallway."

"Really. Then let's go to the field." He held your hand and pulled you going to the field.

It seems that everything is in slow motion while he's holding your hand. He's just my bestfriend. But why am I feeling something crazy for him?

He sighed and stopped as you went to the open field. Only a few students are reciding there.

You sat on the bench where audience who's watching soccer is sitting.

"Why did you brought me here?" You began asking.

"Cause you want to, right?" And... I... I know that you want to watch Mark's soccer practice. Speaking of, there he is." He stuttered. You looked at Mark's direction. He gave a glance then looked away.

Yunhyeong gave a sweet smile, but you knew it was fake.

"I didn't planned to go here just to watch him." He looked at your vaguely, while his eyebrows are meeting.

"I looked for you and went here just to have a time again with you. Cause you know, these past few months, we're too busy about studying for the finals. So... Yeah." Both of you looked away from each other.

"I agree. School is messing us out. I thought... It's all about Mark again." He deeped his voice as he said Mark's name.

"Lol, nah. I don't care about him anymore." He was surprised. Giving a big eyes to you.

"What? Are you kidding? You have a crush on him since last year and you will just tell me you don't like him? A while ago at the canteen, you seemed out of your mind because he came." His voice became sad. Shall I tell him what I truly feel? Damn.

"I'm serious Yunhyeong. Do I look like I'm kidding?" You pointed out your face.

"Can you explain it to me? I don't just get it."

"Ugh. I really don't like Mark. I never did." You looked at the soccer players and glanced at Mark.

"You must be ki---"

"Cause I fucking like you Yunhyeong!" You shouted as loud as you can. The soccer players looked at you for a moment then continued their business.

"Sorry for shouting at you... I'm---" You were about to apologize when he grabbed your nape with his both hands and kissed you on the lips, passionately.

He took more than a minute kissing you before he pulled himself.

"I like your lips, my bestfriend." He whispered that gave you goosebumps.

"Back off! Gross." You brushed your silky hair up, looked away while smiling secretely.

"I love you." He did a Back hug to you, resting his chin on your shoulder. You held his hand that is now touching your stomach.

"I love you, my best-boyfriend." You both chuckled.

"Wait... So you're my girlfriend now?" You nodded.

"Yes! ______ is mine now!" He shouted. He really looks so childish.

"I love you too, my best-girlfriend." He kissed you for the last time before the two of you went home.


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