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Hi beauties & beasts, how are you?

Ok let's cut to the chase shall we? - i'm not sure if i'll be continuing this book because of obvious reasons- my brain has gone completely blank with idea's for this due to the slowness of my brain an it's already filled with other idea's for my otha bookz & but not entirely sure i'll leave this as is, i might just conjurn it wit The M.O.B i really am loving that book so far.

I started out with this book on a whim basically. Literally just threw it together without a slight bit of research an from there on i just rolled with the punches.

I really hope you check out The M.O.B just read one chapter an see how ya like it? If not then ya don't- but regardless i did want to tell you all hello since this book is becoming a slow-steady hit from the votes that's been coming in... oh-ja-lay ta-ta... gomen it's just something i say from time to time :')

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