Chapter 21

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Evelyn let out a moan of pleasure as her skin made contact with the vanilla scented hot water.

If Evelyn had to admit to one thing that she liked about the palace, then it was how amazing her bathroom was. Like everything else in the palace, it was extravagant and at abnormal size. It had a gold and white roman theme that just made everything about it incredibly glorious and luxurious, but the thing that really knocked the air out of Evelyn's lungs was the white marble square bath in the centre of the room. It was so big that Evelyn was sure that it could be classed as a small swimming pool easily.

"How is the water, mistress?" One of the three girls who were appointed to Evelyn to be her maids spoke up with an excited smile; as if she was hoping for Evelyn to say that something was wrong and make some bizarre demands.

"The water is fine," Evelyn replied with a kind smile and looked at the three girls standing around her bathtub. "And don't call me 'mistress', just call me Evelyn; I prefer it."

The girls shared worried glances.

"But mistress," the most mature looking out of the three girls spoke up with a confused expression smeared across her face. "We're not supposed to call you by your name, we can only refer to you as our mistress or our lady; those are the rules."

The girls who were appointed to Evelyn by Zayn all had different personality and looks; he didn't know what type of people Evelyn would like. So, Zayn being his thoughtful self when it comes to Evelyn, choose three girls from different backgrounds and hobbies to serve his beloved.

There was the chirpy blonde with big green eyes and the biggest smile that Evelyn Blackburn had ever seen. The girl constantly had a look and aura of happiness around her and whenever Evelyn looked at her, the blonde's bright aura would reflect off Evelyn and cause her to mimic the contagious smile.

The second girl was a brunette who had a constant look of seriousness on her face that expressed her professional personality and elegance. During the brief ten minutes that Evelyn had met her, she doubt the brunette smiled once, unlike the constantly excited and energetic blonde.

The third girl was the most interesting one, like Evelyn, she had bright blue eyes, but flaming red hair to match it, unlike Evelyn and her coal black ones. Out of the three girls, she was the one who confused Evelyn the most. The third girls was very hard to read and though she smiled a few times, Evelyn felt like that the red head smiled for different reason to the blonde; there was an aura of danger around her, but Evelyn took no alarm from it.

Ever since she was a young girl, Evelyn Blackburn had a bad judgement of character and though this time, her gut was telling her to follow her instinct and get as far from the red head as fast as she could; she didn't care.

Evelyn chuckled and a rosy blush crept up onto her cheeks. "Please, just call me Evelyn; I'm really not comfortable being someone's lady or mistress..."

The blonde and the red head exchanged a sly look and a knowing smile at Evelyn's words, without her noticing.

The brunette on the other hand, stayed professional and kept a polite and kind face.

"I'm sorry mistress, but these are the rules, if they King found out that we called you by your first name then that could consider as disrespect and going against your orders."

Evelyn rolled her eyes. "Oh come on, I will probably be locked up in this palace and this room for a good percentage of the rest of my life, and we will be spending a great deal of time with you guys, I don't want to be called mistress and lady all the time!"

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