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Got anything?" Dylan was on the phone with Baines.

"There's nothing here," Baines replied. "But we did find mail from another address. That place is further west."

Dylan drummed his fingers on the desk." Let me know what you find."

They'd gone out to check marinas but in their haste had run into a problem. They needed to know what they were looking for. Dylan was on the phone with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, but someone had been sent there as well. Anywhere was better than being in this cramped office.

The horsehair hadn't panned out either. They'd found the place, but it turned out to be a holding spot of some kind. They had collected the tarps and anything else they felt would be of value later on. All it did was remind Dylan that she was still out there.

On her own with a killer.

He sat back in his seat annoyed at the turn of events. At least his boss had taken it upon himself to fly out to Philadelphia. This waiting was craziness. The two days that had passed were already two too long. That's what they get for finding their break on a weekend so close to a major holiday.

Who knew how many victims this David Hansen prick had, Alessa included? His calls from Saturday still hadn't been returned. Dylan tried them again. He slammed the phone down after the second one. He had to be stuck in an office. Figures everyone else would be out of theirs.

The phone rang.

"It's me," Eric Jay said before Dylan could say anything. "Just finished talking with the mother."

Finally. Time was ticking away. "Great."

"She said they got him a 2014 Mercedes and a yacht. She didn't know the name of it but said it was docked at Duke's Peak Marina. I know you're still waiting on the boat so go ahead and—"

"Already done. Thanks, Boss."

A 2014 Black Mercedes E Class was registered to a David Swenson. Now that they knew who they were looking for finding his name was easy. But at this point, he went by at least three different names. No wonder they hadn't found anything before. His name showing up at Grandersin had likely been something he didn't know about.

Dylan called Healey and gave her the license plate number just as the fax machine outside beeped. A Philadelphia number. Dylan picked up the papers. Credit card receipts. There was also information on three other properties in the Chicago area. None of which included Grandersin.

He didn't know how Jay did it, but Dylan was grateful. And it gave him something to do. After informing Baines about the other locations, the man said he would finish up where they were and meet back at the building. A briefing was needed before carrying out the other searches. They didn't want a repeat of the now infamous joint operation with the DEA.

Dylan hung up and looked over the credit card information. Hansen ate at a lot of restaurants.There were also a few Amazon purchases but other than that nothing much stood out. He looked again and found a transaction from someplace called LE Emporium.

Dylan pulled up the website.


He was immediately on the phone to Healey.

"You didn't issue a bolo alert, did you?"

"Of course I did. We need that Mercedes."

"Dammit!" Dylan jumped up, paced the floor. "It looks like Hansen bought a scanner. If that—"

"No worries," Healey said. "I didn't want to take any chances. Everyone at the precinct's been alerted. My bosses have gotten the message out to everyone else."

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