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Taylor's pov

"BABE!" I yelled . I heard Cam running up the stairs. " Yes?" He asked

"Cuddle?" I asked. He smirked and jumped into bed. "Babe, it's-"

"One week away, I know" he said pulling me closer. " We just have to make every time together memorable" he said lifting my head for a kiss.

"Tay-aww" Andrea said as she walked in. "Yes?" I asked breaking the kiss. " where is the wifi password " I rolled my eyes

" on the wifi" I said in a duh tone. "I knew that..." She said sarcastically then walked out of the room.

"Me and the guys are going out " Cam said " Tonight?" I asked getting up and he nodded.

"Well won't the fans love that!" I laughed. The fans think the boys aren't friends anymore but the truth is they don't have time to hang out.

I went out of our room and then went downstairs. "Wassup lil mama" Sammy said hugging me

" I haven't seen you in like forever" I sissy hugging him back. We talked for a couple of minutes and then the door opened again.

"Eww it's you" Matt said walking in. " rude!" I yelled. Matt smiled and hugged me. "Everyone is in the living room"

" by everyone you mean..."

" Sammy, jacks, Andrea, mahogany, Aaron, Sophie, and Nash"

" That's not even close to half, you lied to me" Matt said dramatically and walked into the living room with me not far behind

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