Chapter 7

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(Nate's P.O.V)

"How about we do a cover of a song." Anna says. I felt happy she was finally talking to me, with out being annoyed. "Yeah let's do that." I say with a smile. "So what song should we do." She asks laying back down. "Don't know we'll talk about it tomorrow." I say. I was really tired from today for some reason the rain makes my sleepy. "Okay night Nate." She says then closes her eyes. I walk out and go in my room. "Today was ruff." I say to myself. When Mat said that she hated me It hurt. I think things are starting to go back to normal between us. I slowly fell asleep drifting in to a dream...

*Nate's dream*

I am at school, but I thought it was the weekend. I walk around as if it was a normal day, it all seemed normal but something did't feel right. I walk around and bumped in to someone I look up and saw Mat. "Oh sorry I guess I did't see you." He says helping me up than walks up to girl. I look at her and it was Anna! "What was he doing with her?" I ask me self. He gives her a kiss in the top of her head and she hugs him. "What, no this can't be real." I mumble to my self. Then the bell rang everyone started going to there classes and I go to mine.. I see Anna and walk up to her to talk to her. "Hey Anna." I say. "Oh hey Nate is it." she says sitting down. "Um yeah I thought you knew that." I say sitting next to her. "Well I guess I did I have you in all my classes, but other than that I only met you this year." She says putting her bag down. She dose't remember us being friend as kids. I pick up my sweater and look in the pocket for the picture of us. I pull it out and look at it, it's me and some other kid I don't know. "What you looking at?" she asks me. "Oh this picture." I say showing her. "Oh the picture of you and Justin." She says then looks at her paper. "Justin?" I say puzzled. "Yeah your best friend captain of the football team one of the reasons you on the football team, and one of those popular kids." She says like I should know. "No, Hunter is my best friend." I say looking at her. "My brother, no you hate him because you say he is a nerd." She says clearly annoyed now. I was going to find out more but the bell rang. 

Next thing I knew it was after school I saw Anna with Mat, anger filled me then everything went black then I was in a dark room, the basement of my old house. I begin to walk out then something catches my eye. It was a mirror I look at my self and I looked different, I had black circles around my eyes with blue streaks coming down my eyes. "What the?" I say to my self. Then I look over and see a person tied up in a chair. I walk over to them and see it's Mat with a mangle type mask on his eyes and mouth. He moved around scared, I look down in my hand and see a knife. Then everything went black again next thing I know I was back at school and Anna came up to me. "WHAT DID YOU DO WITH HIM!" she yells. "He got what he deserved." I say with out any thought. No I did't want to say that, it's like there was something controlling me from the inside. "W-what do you mean." Anna says scared. "You will soon see." I say again with out any thought. No what did I do, This can't be real no...

*End of dream*

"AH!" I yell sitting up. I look around and see I was in my room. Then Anna walks in my room and looks at me. "Hey you okay?" she asks me."Oh yeah just had a bad dream." I say. "Oh what about?" She asks walking over to me. Do I tell her the truth, no I can't. "Oh um I can't really remember.." I say. "Oh okay well see you in a bit." She says messes up my hair them walks out. I lay back down and look up at the roof. "Why did I dream that..." I mumble to my self. I get out of bed and get dressed. I walk into the bathroom and look at my self in the mirror, It's me just me.  I put on my glasses then walk to the living room. The dream keeps bugging me what did it mean....


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