Chapter 29

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At the sudden realisation, I decided that it would be completely futile to fight this.

“Matt, I left my phone there last night,” I admitted, much to his shock and horror. His mouth gaped open as he paced the floor further.

“You left it there? Ah shit, Charlotte. Can’t you just say it had been there a while?” he reasoned, clearly trying to make excuses and lies for everything. But I knew that there were too many holes in the fabrication to hide from the eye of the police.

“Wait…your mom knows doesn’t she? T-that you slept at Jenna’s house?” Matt said, swiftly in terror. That was something that had yet to cross my mind.

“Shit, Matt. She does” I cried, this time literally. It was all becoming too much. Matt could get in trouble, not only for leaving the house when they were in such a state, but also for sleeping with me. And kissing me.

“Well, we can always just say I dropped you off, and you then called me later to ask if I could come and get you because you felt ill. So I did. And you didn’t want to go home because your mom would kill you. So, because we’re now relatives you crashed on my sofa.”

I sat on the end of Matt’s bed, thinking through his reasoning. It seemed plausible and I could always attribute ill thinking to the fact I was drunk.

“Let’s not over think things. But what are we going to do?” Matt soothed as he placed his hands firmly on my shoulders, before pulling me into his arms.

“I don’t know. But I need to get my phone back. For all I know my mother could have called or anything. And she could be getting suspicious.”

Matt looked around the room and over to his phone which was now resting peacefully on the ledge of the window.

“If you call from my cell, she’ll know but if you call from a withheld number she’ll get curious and ask questions” he thought out loud as he looked into my eyes. He wasn’t making me feel any better. The fact that he too was terrified made me feel even more nervous.

“We have to pretend like we don’t know what’s going on…” I told him. I wasn’t sure if I was asking him a question…or if I was telling him because I had no idea how to deal with any of what was going on.

“Take me back to my mom’s house. I’ll only answer questions if she asks” I told him, planning out all possible scenarios in my mind.

But he looked strange, as if there was something he was supposed to tell me but hadn’t. I had grown accustomed to seeing that expression on his face.

“What is it?” I asked, raising an eyebrow as he stared down at his feet. “You were supposed to sleep at your dad’s house last night,” he sighed.

“What? Why was I supposed to stay there? She could have at least told me that herself, Matt” I shouted. I began to realise that I was taking a lot of things out on him, and myself. I wasn’t blaming the true culprits for my unhappiness – well, excluding my dad.

“She knew you wouldn’t listen, as I said” he softly told me as he began to pull back the covers of his bed.

Annoyed, I walked out of his room and into the bathroom. I fully intended on checking my appearance – and wished I hadn’t.

I looked horrendous. My hair had become somewhat curly as the humidity had meant straightening it was pointless. My make-up had completely smudged and Matt’s t-shirt was far bigger than I had realised last night.

The sleeves came down to my elbows and the length was just above my knees. The worst part was, because it was a low cut shirt, it completely came down and my bra had been sticking out the entire time.

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