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Pen Your Pride

*Lilly's pov*

we're staying on a hotel with no paparazzi since someone took a picture of Ross when he proposed to me and we don't want anyone to take pictures of our wedding than the photographer we hired. it should be a luxury hotel for famous people. at least that's what Ross told me.

We're getting married tomorrow and after that we have 4 days in the most romantic city ever!

It's late afternoon so we are going to bed already.

"I think this is my first time in Europe." I said.

"I have played a few shows here in Paris, London and other places."

"Yeah. I'm tired lets go to bed."

"Why are you wearing clothes then?"

"Ross we are not home we can't sleep naked."

"Yes we can! Look!" He took of his clothes and jumped up on our bed.

"Fine." I took off my clothes too and we laid down under the duvets. I laid on my said and he laid his arm around my touching my b00bs.

The next we both visited hairdresser to do our hair. When we where finish and had our clothes on our photographer came to take some pictures. First we took some good normal pictures but it ended up with we did some weird poses and put on some weird faces.

We took a Limousin to the Eiffel tower and arrived at 8pm. We ate some dinner before we went up in the top to get married. It's starting to get dark and the stars is showing.

"Ross do you take Lilly as your wife-" the priest started.

"I do." Ross said when the priest finished.

"Lilly do you take Ross as you husband-"

"I do." I said when he finished.

"You may now kiss the bride."

Ross leaned in and I closed my eyes. His soft lips met mine and firework exploded. I could hear the photographer take pictures of us and everyone else clapped. We pulled back and I stared into his brown eyes. I'm married...

The priest leaved. We both enjoyed the view over Paris. The city lights up like stars. We kissed again before we decided to back to the apartment.

"I can't wai-" I started.

"SURPRISE!" A group of people yelled. I screamed. They all laughed. In front of me stood Rydel, Molly, Kelly, Melissa, Riker, Rocky, Rocky and Ratliff.

"Oh my god what are you guys doing here!?"

"Partying!" Riker said. I looked at Ross.

"You knew?"

"You didn't think we where going to bed already did you?" He asked.

"Come Lilly!" The girls took me to Ross and I's room."

"Take this on!" Kelly had a beautiful dress in her hands.

I hurry changed and we all took a Limousin to a club. We partied the most of the night away. Ross had rented the whole club so it was only the 10 of us.


3 chapters left guys! I tought This was going to be the last chapter but its NOT THE LAST CHAPTER!!! :D

Yes I AM going to make a new story afterwards

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