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Servant Of Evil

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"Run!! Go!!"

Thats all i heard as i didnt hesitate. I kept running until i couldnt see him in sight behind me. The woods were getting crowded with more and more branches that i stumbled over. My feet were fast as i kept my pace. Scratches from the twigs and thorns were ripping my clothes and skin. I finally realised that im running from the one who wants the blood. He's going to smell it. I turned a sharp corner behind a tree where i slid on my ass and sat. I curled my knees up and held my mouth to catch my breathe quietly. I waited for him for a while. I wanted to get up again and keep running but i was listening to the noises that were coming closer. Beating in my ear like it was right next to me. My heart pounded so hard, i heard it about to pop out of my rib cage. A tear fell down and my fear grew larger. I was trying to stop breathing so heavy so i could listen more. Thats when i saw a black figure come creeping up slowly out of the corner of my wide, dialated eyes and in my ear.

"I found you.." He whispered to me with his razor sharp rows of teeth that dripped a little blood from my brother that was left behind. He stared with his black face but huge red eyes that were cat like and round. He took his long nails that were as sharp as his teeth and runned it down my face. I was panting and a tear fell.

"Please dont hurt me... Ill do anything.. Please..I beg of you.. Ill do whatever you want.." I whimpered.

He shined a wide grin that grew my fear stronger with such a red and black terrifying face.

"Lets make a deal." I looked away from him.

"Oh? Im listening..."

"If you dont murder my body and spread it across these woods for your dinner and entertainment, Ill do whatever i can in all my power to serve you and do your duty."

He thought long and hard about the purpose i just let out. I tried to calm my heart so it could settle before i end up dying anyway of a heart attack.

"Its a deal."

My eyes got wide when i looked up him out of shock. He drew out his hand for me to take and with the other he carved a symbol in my chest that represented that im his like im property. I took his rough soaked with blood hand that i trembled across. He gave out a scary, blood curtling laugh that was sorta like a growl and we vanished. Like nothing ever happened. The night i made a deal with a demon will forever live on. I shall not die yet and in return, i am his servant of evil.

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