Ready For Change

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Robin POV




I groaned and turned off my alarm clock rolling on to my back staring at the ceiling for a while before glancing at the clock on the nightstand beside me.

4:30 am

Staring back at the ceiling I couldn't help but let a small smile slip thinking about my acceptance letter. I had to start making plans as soon as possible for me to leave before the end of the week. This was my chance to leave and I may not get another chance like this.

I sat up in my bed glancing around my room before turning the bed lamp on.

I did not own a lot of important things here to take with me. I looked around estimating how much luggage I would have to take with me to Florida.

I hopped off the bed and headed to the bathroom. I started the shower and took off my clothes. I took a look at myself in the mirror as I saw the bruise on the side of my face starting to form. The purple color was visible on my lightly freckled caramel brown skin.

My eyes were a dull brown color along with my hair; which reached the middle of my back with my curls were tangled together. I had a few freckles on the bridge of my nose and below my eyes almost reaching my cheekbones.

I hadn't never really been a fan of my body type but at the same time I never paid much attention to it. I'm 5'5 and skinny all around. My breasts aren't too big but my butt is pretty big; not too big but definitely noticeable.

I didn't even look like I am twenty years old. I just look like a frail teen.

I shook my head in disgust cringing at my reflection.

Walking back towards the running water, I tested it out before stepping in. I cleaned myself thoroughly enjoying the water temperature. After a while I turned the water off and stepped out grabbing my towel in the process and dried myself off and started brushing my teeth. My reflection stared at me in the mirror and I contemplated whether or not to cut my kinky hair.

I shook the thought out of my head and rinsed my mouth and put my hair into a bun. Walking out of the bathroom towards my closet, I picked out my undergarments with a pair of jeans, plain shirt and a sweater. I quickly lathered some lotion on my body and put my clothes on.

I headed out of my room and walked downstairs. and glanced at the clock in the hallway.


Good that was enough time to clean this place and get breakfast ready before they come downstairs. I walked into the living room looking at the mess waiting for me.

My brother and sisters must have had company over after I went to bed. I saw a few decorations from the fourth of July parties they must have went to.

I sighed and started cleaning the mess up.

After cleaning the living room I quickly cleaned the rest of the house and let me just say it was not an easy task. This house is pretty huge and by the time I was done with cleaning the first floor I felt exhausted.

I walked into the kitchen and started preparing breakfast. I made eggs, toast and pancakes for the family. I quickly set the table in the dining room and put the food on the table as my sisters and brother came downstairs.

"Morning Robin Hood!" My brother chirped.

"Hey Jackson," I whispered heading back into the kitchen as I spotted my parents coming down.

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