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Joseph POV

Today was the Fourth of July.

My parents home was packed with most of my extended family as they were all here to celebrate with a good old barbecue Samoan style.

It was pretty chaotic with the barbecue going outside where most of the kids were playing and my great uncles and Dad were firing up the grill filling the whole neighborhood with the delicious aroma of seafood and meat.

While the elder men took care of the grill, my cousins and I had just finished setting up the tables and chairs in the backyard. We weren't too far from the beach as my parents house was right by the shoreline and we could see the beach from our neighborhood.

I made my way into the busy kitchen taking a seat at the table escaping the loud screams of children in the living room as the seemed to be everywhere in the house. The music played loudly in the backyard but even that couldn't drown out the children's constant screams of fun.

Why do they have to scream so damn loud?

"Leati get your behind off that chair and go do something," my mother scolded as she cooked a Polynesian feast along side my aunts and one of my sisters.

"There's  is nothing for me to do other than wait for the food."

"You are such a lazy ass Joe. Dad is cooking and you can't even help him out? Gosh your so-," My sister started and I cut off her ranting.

"Summer nobody was even talking to you so how about you mind your business. Something you seem to have trouble with." I snapped back at her. Summer and I rarely got along and we usually fought about the smallest things.

She always seemed to easily get under my skin ever since we were kids.

"HEY HEY!" My mother raised her voice at the both of us to keep from our usual quarreling.

I have love for my sister but she definitely wasn't the easiest person to get along with. Especially because she had a habit of involving herself in matters that had nothing to do with her.

"I won't have you all starting this nonsense in my kitchen."

"But-," I started.

"No Leati," she scolded. Summer stuck her tongue out at me and I just sighed out deciding to leave it alone. I got up to leave before Summer stopped me.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"To find something to do," I grumbled.

I left the kitchen walking towards the living room relieved to see the kids had taken their loud noises elsewhere. My cousins and friends from college who had joined my family for tonight's festivities were settled on the couches enjoying a football game that had been playing on the flat screen tv.

"Sup uce," my cousin Jon stood up and dabbed me.

"Hey man, when did y'all get here?" I asked sitting down on the recliner as everyone on the couches were coupled up.

"We just got here," he said sitting down.

I greeted the rest of the group as Trinity, Jey and his wife, and a few of my friends Seth and his girlfriend AJ, Dean and his girlfriend Paige, John and his girlfriend Nikki.

We sat there making small talk waiting for the call that the food is ready.

I leaned back on the recliner rubbing my face and exhaling as I was exhausted from getting prepped for the new school term.

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