Death (chapter 1)

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Squish! Squish!

I hear the sound of my shoes as I walk though the sewer. Yes I live in the sewers no it's not my choice am 5 so I have no say in anything. My mom says that the vampires are going to take over the world and that we need to go in to hiding so we can start the rebellion but I tell her she's crazy she says I need to see beyond the lies. But she's crazy she's been in 3 different asylums. She broke out of the last one 3 months ago then busted me out of my hell hole I literally mean hell hole my faster father abused me and my foster brother molested me every might but that's over now. Thank gosh. Mom said that the vampires are going to strike at midnight October 2 my 17th birthday I know sucks right. Mom how do you know vampires exists? I asked. Well sweetie when I was a kid vampires came and killed my family in front of me and told me there plan to take over the world on my first born Childs 17 birthday. I gasped at this she never told me this before I was stunned. But something more important is that y-

She was cut off by a loud crash and screaming. Hurry Hun. Hide the wolfs are here for you. She pushed me in to a small tunnel with a gate in front if it. But before she left she gave me a neckless. Here hunnie put this on it will protect u alayes and never take it of no matter what. It was a simple neck less a silver thin chain with a little gold dagger pointed down towards my chest with the stem of the rose going from the point to the center of the dagger handle and inside the rose was a red ruby that sparkled even in the dark. She left and closed the gate she walked forward a little and a man appeared in front of her. Where is she asked the man in a harsh voice? Where you'll never find her. Barks my mom mocking his harsh tone. The man grabbed her throat and held her in the air and asked again. Where is the girl he snarled? I wanted to run out there and save my mother but I knew it would do nothing. When she didn't reply he snapped her neck of. I started running down the tunnel I heard the gate rattle. I turned around to see what it was.

It was the man his hand reached thru the gate trying to reach me from there but failed. DEATH!!!!!!!!! He yelled COME BACK TO ME!!! I didn't listen I kept on running he yelled my name over and over and before I was out of ear shot he said the scarcest thing ever DEATH! I'LL FIND YOU NO MATER WARE U HIDE ILL BE THARE!!!!


Today's my first day of my new school. I'm so glad I can finally socialize with other people then my foster family. I was adopted by them when I was 10. At first it was great but when I turned 11 it turned to hell. I was moved to the basement abused by my entire family and I did everything am like the house made. my brother convinced my parents to let me go to high school I turned 14. I have black hair a slim figure, from lack of food, and I'm somewhat short. my brother told me that morning that I was to be the outcast and do what he says when he says it or ill get an extra beating when I get home. I said I'll do whatever u say brother you're the one in charge. With a smile on my face and left. Now I'm pulling in to the parking lot. and headed to the office when I walked in there was a small lady sitting behind the desk. She looks up yes may I help u miss? She asked in a sweet voice. Yes, my name is Death Dark I'm the new kid. Her eyes gat bigger and she hurried to get my schedual. u go miss Dark h...have a nice first day. She studded I wander what's her problem? I asked myself. I went to my first class history. It was December so school had already started.

Class we have a new student today! Said Mr. Hong as I entered. Please introduce yourself darling. Hi my name is Death- I didn't get to finish the entire class gasped and started gossiping. CLASS! CLASS! yelled Mr. Hong. The class stopped. Sorry about that please continue. Ok my name is Death Dark and I'm 14. I said ok Miss. Dark please take an open seat in the back. The rest of the day went on like that the kids in the seats around me moved and I was alone.

I went to my 6th period class luckily I didn't haft to introduce myself. I sat in an empty seat in the back. When the bell rang a boy with blond short hair sat next to me. I glanced at him he had a huge smile on his face. Hi my name is Tom. What's yours? he asked in a nice voice. I didn't want to tell him my real name so I gave his a short version D. I said faking a smile. Nice to meet you D. he said perking up a little. My brother walked in with the teacher on his heels. He glared at me I knew what was coming. This was my last class of the day and I have it with my stupid brother great. just great! If u can't tell I'm being sarcastic. The whole class I was talking to this boy when the bell rang we were the last out. The halls were empty.

wow did we take that long thought to myself walking to my locker when we reached my locker we were swarmed by the foot ball team. I was grabbed from behind, while Tom was lifted In the air by my brother Rick or should I say Dick. I tried to get to him, to help him, but it was no use the guy holding me was to strong. Leave him alone Rick. He didn't do anything.! I pleaded, shut her up. said Rick to one of his buddies I just noticed one of them was holding tape and rope. I tried as hard as I could to get away while my hands were tied behind my back and my mouth was duck taped. I told u this was going to happen if u didn't listen to me and look what you did. He said to my face then started wailing on Tom. I fell down to my knees crying. Don't cry little sissy you'll get a much worse punishment at home just you wait. He noted to his buddy and I was thrown over his shoulder we walked to ricks pickup truck and I was thrown in the back. I tried to get up but was pushed down crushing my wrist in the process it hurt so much I thought I broke something but I know I didn't. You stay down or else I noted and he left.

When we got home I was thrown into the house and slammed againt a wall. Oww was all I could think un till blackness took over.

~1 year later~

I here there are going to be a 4 new kids today, I can't wait!! Notice the sarcasm in my voice. I'm 15 now and still recovering from last night's beating they broke my rib... again. I walked in to class an sat in my seat in the back the set in front if me was open and the 2 next to me were to. My life has been the same for the last year or so I get my weakly beating from my brother and his friends and I get my nightly beating at home or as I should say, hell, that place is no home. I still ware my neck less my mother gave me when I was 5 I ware it every day except at home I think if they new they would latterly kill me but at school I ware it and my brother doesn't care. The bell rang and the announcer came on, good morning I hope u had a good weekend. No I didn't I got sent to the hospital. I tried to run way but it didn't wreck as you can tell! I thought. Today we have some new student please make them welcome! Bla, Bla, Bla I wasn't paying attention any more I started looking out the window imaging a world that was perfect just for me. The door swung open but I was to busy to look so I kept on day dreaming.

Ok boys introduce yourself. said are teacher Miss. Smart. I looked up at them now realizing that the class had been gossiping. Hi I'm John night. said the first boy. He was extremely hot with black spiked hair, blue eyes and an eight pack under his shirt. Hi I'm Garret Night. This boy had bleached blond hair and an eight pack. Hi I'm Phil. He was good looking but not as good as the others. Hi I'm Damian this boy was sexy!!! He had black wavy hair that covered his right eye. He was perfect. What am I thinking I don't even know him. All the boys were staring at me it was weird so I went back to day dreaming.

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