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Pen Your Pride

Jealous Over Absolutely Nothing (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

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(A/N: This was requested by Kendall, 17 :) I hope you like as much as i do :P )

"Cause I know she still thinks about me too" I sang very loudly and off tune, using the shower head as my microphone. The door opened and i heard laughing. Rolling my eyes, i peeped out of the shower and Haryy stood there, shaking his head

"You know Kandy," he said walking over to where i kept toothbrushes in case anyone slept over. Kandy was his nickname for me everysince we were little "You could join the Xfactor"

"Oh Hardy ha ha" i said sarcastically, going back to my shower and singing. Harry and I, well, we go way back. Our moms met in a bakery class, and they both dragged us with them. We were playing outside and Harry decided we should bake a mud pie and make it better than what our mom's were baking

We were 8

Well, he was 8 and i was still 6

"Are you done anytime soon? Louis will be over in a bit" Harry said with his mouth probably full of toothpaste

Louis. He's my boyfriend and Harry's band mate. After Harry came back from the Xfactor, he dragged all his band mates over to my house and we all had our first sleepover. It was absolutely fun and with all the boys, a tad bit crazy.

I mean, i used to think Harry and i would end up together, all the time. I thought our story would be like that of best friends who grow up to fall in love

Then i met Louis

And all thoughts of Harry and I together flew out the window. Louis was everything i could possibly ask for and I was falling harder and faster for him than i had fallen for anyboy

And it's not ust the fact that he has the most amazing voice that soothes me. He's just amazing as himself

"Yeah, I'm getting out now" i said rinsing off myself. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body before geting out of the shower. Harry wasn't there anymore, probably gone back to the guest room, so i walked barefeet into my closet. I hung  my towel up and started searching in the drawers for some underwear when i heard the closet door open

"Get out Harry," i yelled, not flinching. Harry had seen me naked too many times to count so i wasnt bothered. Plus he was basically my brother

"It's not Harry," I heard Louis say and i turned around, shocked, before grabbing my towel and wrapping it around me quickly. Louis looked a tad bit angry and he shook his head "why didn't you do that when you thought it was Harry?"

My mouth had got absolutely dry. He didnt think Harry and I had anything did he?

I cleared my throat and spoke up "Harry and i used to have baths together all the time when we were babies plus he's my best friend and has probably seen me naked more times than i have seen myself naked," i said shrugging and turning around to get some underwear "you dont think there's anything more, do you?"

He sighed and ran his tongue over his teeth before sighing before shaking his head slowly and walked out of the closet. Why was he taking me and Harry's relationship so seriously? I had known Harry longer than he did and the last thing i wanted to do was get inbetween them

I quickly put on some clothes, a striped shirt to make Louis smile and a pair of shorts. I slipped my feet into a pair of sneakers and ran my fingers through my hair, not really bothering with a comb. I raced into the kitchen and all the boys were eating stuff out of the fridge

"Kendall," Niall smiled and i walked over to hug him then i hugged Zayn, then i hugged Liam. I flipped Harry causing him to laugh before flopping down on the couch next to Louis

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