I Think I'm Crushin' Again.

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It's close to nine o'clock when we arrive at the field, I was a bit disappointed that Chase didn't come with Vance

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It's close to nine o'clock when we arrive at the field, I was a bit disappointed that Chase didn't come with Vance. I'm sure coming here is the last thing he wants to do, but Vance said he was coming. I lost my brothers as soon as we got here, I know if they knew I was drinking, they'd kill me. But what they don't know, won't hurt them. 

The field, as we call it, is a massive open field that's surrounded on three sides by large wooded area, a huge lake sits on the edge of the north side. From what I know, this has been around since our parents were teenagers. The dirt made road to get back here is about a mile long, the property is supposedly owned by old man Cleetus. He owns acres of land, and apparently is the creator of this little area. His house is a couple miles away, far enough to turn a blind eye about the shenanigans going on.  I'd like to think we're an okay group, most people get along with each other, It's a small town. I think because we all know that if there's problems, they'll shut it down. If someone gets out of control, we find a way to get that person away before we involve any of the law. Tents are set up along the perimeter and a fire is raging near the lake. 

We've been here for about an hour now. Taylor, Jeremy, and myself are sitting on a log talking with a bunch of our classmates.

"V" it sounds like B, as Taylor slurs my name.

"Tay." I respond dryly. 

"Yanno what you should do?" 

"No, Tay, what should I do?" I watch as she sways towards me, Jer wraps his arm around her, keeping her upright. It makes me laugh. She looks so funny.

"I love you Jer." She says looking at me, but talking to Jer. He laughs, "Love you too baby."

He's talking to Bobby, the quarterback of our football team, who keeps glancing my way. It seems that since Vaughn has graduated, guys at school are a bit more forward. But my two brothers are around here somewhere.

"B," This time she definitely said B. "I think you should....go..get us...some more beers."

"Baby, I think you've had enough."Jer cuts in.

"No, you husssh." She puts her finger to his lips, he smiles and he gently removes her hand, placing it in her lap.

I stand up and Taylor yells, "YAY!"

Jer's right, she's had enough, but I think I'm good for one more. Tay cheers, I laugh as she claps her hands. I walk over to the keg, and start to fill my cup.

"V, what are you doing?" A very deep voice asks, the voice is right in my ear, making me jump and spilling beer all over my hand. I jump back as it misses my shoes.

"Dammit, you just made me spill my beer." I look over at the dick who I now hear laughing. I drop my cup.

"OHMYGAWDCHASE!" I yell as I lunge at him, my arm wrap around his neck, I squeeze him in a massive hug.

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