Can I ask you something Keke?

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Me&Prince: *walking*

Prince: *holding my hand* Can I ask you something keke?

Me: Sure anything

Prince: Well i know we've only been together for only a couple days now but um... do u beliven luv @ first sight

Me: Yes. Why u ask that

Prince: *nervous* Well... I um wanted to ask you if um

Me: Are you ok your sweating really bad

Prince: *faints*


Boss&Ray: *runs to me*

Ray: What happend to afro dude

Me: idk we were talking and he was sweating and he fainted

Ray: Oh my. Aye wake up

Prince: *wakes up* What happend

Ray: KeKe dont u know he got ADD

Me: No


Boss: No wonder why he be actin a fool when we were younger

Prince: *gets up and wipes the dirt out of his hair*

Ray: Come on Bossy

Boss: *walks away with ray*

Prince: *walking with me* so um i wanted to ask u *pulls out a small box*

Me: *thinking* oh my damn

Prince: *gets down on one knee* Will you marry me Keke

Me: *covers my face*

Prince: Well....

Me: *smiling* Yes

Prince: *puts the ring on my finger and smiles*

Me: *hugs him and cry*

Prince: Dont cry *smiling and spins me around*

Me: *laughing*

Nini: *look @ uncle prince and mom*

liyah: aww

Boss: aww look

Ray: They getting married

Boss: how u know

Ray: He told me he was going to propose to her

Boss: oh

Me&Prince: *walks to boss and ray*

Later dat day

me: *singing*

twins: *smiling*

liyah: u sound so pwetty mommy

me: thnx baby

nini: mom whats lesbian

me: *spits out my water*


me: i'll tell u when your older

nini: ok

liyah: mom i saw 2 girls kissing yesterday

me: ew oh my goodness u children are crazy *smh*

twins: *smiling*

Nini: *playing with her barbies*

liyah: *eating gummy worms*

me: *calls prince*

prince: hello

me: hi

prince: hey

me: u sound sleepy

prince: i am

me: aww

prince: come over

me: *smiling* ok

babydoll: *walks in*

twins: hey tete bre

babydoll: hey babies

me: u gon watch them

babydoll: yeah

me: ok *grabs my keys and walks out the door and get in the car and drives off*

@ prince house


I told keke to come over cuz we needed to work on the wedding


prince: *hears the doorbell*

me: *waiting*

prince: *opens the door*

me: hi

prince: hey *hugs me* come in

me: *walks in*

beans: *runs to me*

bella: hey keke

me: hey bella

prince: u guys still remember each other

me&bella: duh!

beans: *barking*

me: aww *picks up beans* hey

beans: *licks my face*

bella: did u tell ur mom that u were getting married

prince: yeah but she dont know who it is

me: beans is so cute

prince: beans stop taking my girl away from me

beans: *growls @ prince*

me: *laughing*

prince: *sits down*

me: *sitting on the floor*

bella: ok so whos going to be @ the wedding

me&prince:.... our family and friends duh

bella: *face palms* oh then but what about food

me: prince?

prince: ok then my mom can do that

bella: *writing the stuff down*

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