Delia couldn't take it anymore, she just broke down. She was hoping Nat wouldn't recognize her but it was too late. Her breath hitched as memories flooded her mind.

"We'll make it through, right Frey?" The red haired girl asked.

"Right Nattie, together." Freya beamed at her friend.

The memory changed, the girls were older, maybe 13 or 14.

"Where are you going?" Nat asked.

"I can't stay here anymore, come with me." Freya pleaded.

"No, they'll kill us." She said.

"Not if they don't catch us, it's now or never."

Natasha watched her best friend run out of the room and the facility. Freya Kings was never to be seen again.

It changed again, it was only about six years ago, they'd just pulled her from the ice.

"What's your name dear?" The nurse asked.

The girl thought for a moment, she knew what her name was but Freya Kings went down in the sea.

"Birch, Delia Birch." She replied.

"Well Miss Birch, welcome to the 21st century."

Delia stood up and shook the memories away, they were too much to handle. She grabbed a pistol and holster so her alibi checked out and began to walk back down the hallway.

"Delia!" Steve called. "I have to show you something."

He led her deeper into the Labyrinth that was the Helicarrier until they came to a door.

"What is this place?" She asked.

"This," Steve picked up a large metal gun. "Is what SHIELD plans to use the tesseract for."

"Weapons of mass destruction." Delia gasped. "Wait, why are you showing me this?"

"I don't know what to do."

"Confront Fury, obviously." She said and the two went back to the Lab where Stark, Banner and Thor were.

"We'll get your cube." Stark sassed. "What's phase two?"

"Phase two is that SHEILD uses it to build nuclear weapons." Captain said.

"Rogers, we've gathered everything related to the Tesseract but is does not mean that-" Fury said.

"I'm sorry, what were you lying?" Stark said as Natasha and Thor walked in.

"Did you know about this?" Bruce asked.

"Banner, you should remove yourself from this environment." Nat said.

"I was in Calcutta, I was pretty well removed."

"Loki's manipulating you." She said this time more stern.

"And what've you been doing?" Banner asked.

"Look, I didn't come here to bat my eyelashes at you." Romanoff spat.

"Yes and I'm not leaving because you get a little twitchy." Bruce walked over to the screen that hung across from them. "I want to know why SHIELD is building weapons of mass destruction."

"Because of him." Nick pointed to Thor. "Last year we had an unexpected visitor that leveled a small town."

"My world is peaceful with yours!" Thor exclaimed.

"But others aren't, we are hopelessly and hilariously outgunned." Fury laughed bluntly.

"Oh right 'cause a nuclear deterrent makes everything better." Tony snapped.

Fury turned to face the billionaire. "Remind me how you became so rich? I'm sure you'd be neck-deep-"

"I'm sorry but when did this become about me?" Stark asked.

"I'm sorry, isn't it always." Steve smirked and Delia couldn't help but stifle a laugh.

"Are you that naïve? SHIELD monitors potential threats." Nat crossed her arms over her chest.

"Captain America is being monitored?" Banner asked slightly amused.

"We all are," she said. "Especially Delia."

"Pardon?" Delia asked. "What do you mean especially me?"

"I mean you escaped one of the highest security places in the world when you were 13."

The two were now standing face to face. "You have no proof that was me."

"The mark on your neck says otherwise." Romanoff said.

"Wait, what is she talking about?" Steve asked.

"Not a big deal right now."

"Doctor Banner, put the scepter down." Nick said and Delia's head turned toward the doctor.

"Sorry kids, you don't get to see my circus act today." Banner said.

Suddenly, the ship shook which sent Delia flying through the glass and then everything went dark.

Happy New Year! I'm at my friends house and they're trying to guess what I'm doing.


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