03; past ghosts

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It was dark and the floor was cold as the girl ran through the halls. The wind bit her face as she stepped outside and took a breath of fresh air, something she hadn't had in a long time. The alarm sounded and she ran across the snowy field, dogs barking, plane engines rumbling, these just made her run faster.

"Kings! Kings get back here!"

She ran into the forest, her vision was blurry but she kept going until she hit something.

"Delia!" Someone was shaking her shoulders.

"Please! Don't hurt me!" She sobbed.

"Wake up!" They said again.

Delia opened her eyes to see Steve standing in front of her with a concerned expression plastered on his face.

"are you okay?" Steve asked.

"Yeah, goodnight." Delia whispered and began walking back to her room.

She didn't know where she was but she was sure she would find her way back eventually. Delia found her self in a circular room with a glass chamber in the center. A man was pacing around the chamber, cloak billowing behind him.

"Ah, the girl out of time," He smirked.

"Pardon me? I don't know what you're talking about?" Delia lied.

"Oh but you do, and you're scared of it."

Delia straightened up and approached the glass. "And how do you know about this ?"

"I have informants here in your mortal world." Loki was standing right at the glass, facing her.

"You say one more word to me, you fall into that trap down there." She snapped and left the room.

It was now early morning so agents were everywhere and Delia was still wearing her pajamas. She found her room almost instantly and got in the shower. The water was freezing but it was refreshing for her. She pulled on her uniform with a pair of black leather boots. Delia got to the bridge of the carrier to see Rogers and Natasha talking near the window.

"Morning." Delia said and took a sip of her coffee.

"How was your first night on board, it's usually rough for most people?" Nat asked.

"Fine thanks, whats the news on Loki?"

"He hasn't said anything yet, I'll check later." Romanoff replied. "But for now we're going to the armory."

"Why? I don't need any weapons," She said as they rushed down the hall.

"No, I just needed a place to talk to you." The red head snapped. "Turn off your ear piece."

"Why-" Delia did as told but was still confused.

"You were the girl who escaped the facility all those years ago,"

"I'm sorry, what?" Delia knew what Natasha was talking about but didn't want to admit it. "What facility? What the hell are you talking about?"

The agent took a deep breath. "The Red Room."

Delia flinched and looked away.

"so you do know, you know about Freya Kings." Natasha smirked. "The funny thing is, you kind of look like her, down to the very mark."

Delia's hand flew to the back of her neck where a red square sat. It was a mark from the room, every girl had one.

"And you never forget your first friend." Romanoff spat and left the room.

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