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I, Banno Eri, was born with dull eyes. No color ever in my sight since a baby. I was told by my several doctors that I was born color blinded without knowing the reason.

As I started to age and grow, I was gradually losing my eyesight and was soon to be blind. On one faithful day, an accident caused me to lose my entire eyesight....

"Mom, when are we going to reach the destination?"

"We'll be there soon! I mean, I don't want to lose the chance of seeing the meteor shower tonight!"

Suddenly, as I looked back onto the road, a car curved towards us and my mom panicked. She drove and luckily, didn't crash. She stopped the car and we were both breathing heavily from the shock.

"That was so scary mom...."

Mom gripped my left hand and continued driving. We were heading towards the location where millions of people gathered to watch the meteor shower tonight.

We lived in the countryside so we had to drive in a circle around a cliff. Just as we did, a car crashed into us from behind. Our car slid and mom pressed her foot down on the breaks but the car fell off the cliff. We crashed onto the ground but when I awoke, I couldn't see anything. My eyes couldn't see anything or know what happened.

"Mom! Mom!"

I used my hands to feel around the car. I unbuckled my seatbelt and reached out for my mom's hand. I finally held her hand and checked for a pulse to see if she was alive. No heart was beating but I couldn't accept the fact of her being dead. I shook her to wake her up.

"Mom! You can't leave me all alone! You promised! You promised to take me to go see the stars!" I cried out loud as I continued to shake her.

Mom didn't wake up no matter what I did. I searched her pockets and her bag for her phone. I pressed the numbers 119 on the cellphone.

"Hello?" The person on the other end spoke.

"Umm, my mother and I.... We fell off a cliff and we are terribly injured...."

"May I ask for a more precise location if you know?"

"From what I remember, we fell off the west side of Yumi mountain in the countryside."

"Yes, we are on our way."

The woman hung up the phone and I let the phone slip out of my hands. I reached my arms out to look for my way out of the car. I managed to get out and by then, I heard sirens coming from above.

"Please save me!" I managed to shout out.

"They're down there!" A man called out.

The rescue workers picked me up.

"Don't leave my mother and our stuff in the car! Please bring them! Please!"

I fell asleep as I was carried away from the car and was put into a stretcher. I had woken up to the sound of people rushing around me. I immediately sat up and got out of the cold hospital bed.

"Patient! You can't get out of your bed! Patient!" A nurse worriedly called out to me as she grabbed onto my arm.

"I need to see my mom! I need to see her!" I tried to pull away from her grip on my sleeve.

I fell down to the floor in despair as I listened to her words, She's dead...

I searched around for something that dropped out of my pocket. I patted my hands all over the floor.

"I can't lose it. It's my only memento I have of mom...."

I continued to search the ground until I heard a jingling sound to my right.

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