Shawn Mendes (Part One)

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A/n: Damn guys. Long time no see right? I am soooooooo sorry for not posting in a long long time. I have no excuse I was lazy and could not think of anything to write. I'm sorry I will try to update more. Here's part one of a Shawn Mendes Imagine. Ps- Thank you sooo much for like 900 reads :) Love you guuuuys. Hope you enjoy! This is unedited btw.

I'm currently sitting in my best friend Tayttum's room with her and Hayes Grier. Yes, Hayes Grier. Tayttum has been friends with him ever since she was a little baby. They both obviously have feelings for each other but that's not my business.

Anyways, we are all sitting on her bed. Hayes' phone rings and he answers it and talks for a few minutes and his face lit up.

Hayes: Come on girls we are going to the airport. I'll have my mom take us!

Tayttum: Why exactly are we going to the airport?

Me: Yeah is your brother coming own or something? I'm not too fond of your brother.

Hayes: No it's not Nash. And I understand why you don't like him, I don't really like the way he has changed since we've become famous.

Tayttum: Then who is it?

Hayes: Well Cam is the one that called.

Tayttum: Who does he have with him?

Hayes: Um, promise not to freak?

Me: No promises Hayes.

Hayes: Okay... He has Shawn with him


Tayttum: Oh my god. This is gonna be bad.

Hayes: I assume you like Shawn?

Me: I mean, just a little bit...

Tayttum: Oh whatever you love him Rhi.

Me: Shut up.

Hayes: Ok enough girls we have to go pick them up.

We all laugh and begin walking down to the living room to get Hayes' mom to drive us to the airport. She gladly told us that she would since she loves Cameron and Shawn.

As soon as we got there Hayes got out of the car and headed into the airport with all of us following closely behind him. As soon as we got in there we seen Cameron and Shawn surrounded by girls.

Cameron seen all of us and waved with a pleading look. Hayes laughed and looked at Tayttum and motioning for us to hurry up.

We all push through the heard of girls surrounding the two boys. When we finally make it through all of the teenage girls Cameron smiles widely.

Cameron+ Shawn: HHHHaaaaayessss.

Hayes: Cammmmeerrrronnn.

Tayttum: You guys are such kids.

Hayes: Oh hush Tay. I haven't seen him in ages!!

Cameron: Who is this Hayes, and why haven't I met her?

Hayes: She's my best friend.

Tayttum: yeah, how come we never met? My mum is real good friends with the Grier's and I've known him basically since birth.

Me: Um Tay, you're older than him though...

Hayes: Only by like---

Cameron+ Shawn: who's she?

Me: rude...

Tayttum hugs me and introduces me as "her best friend Rhiannon"

Shawn: That's a unique name for sure.

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