Chapter 4our ~ The Pain Is Killing Me

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*Wynter's POV*

We pulled up in front of a steakhouse and climbed out. Aqua was still mad, but as soon as Niall came running out of the restaurant she smiled. Atleast I think it was Niall. The person had his hood covering his face. "We already got a table," he said and we followed him inside. He led us to a corner circle booth in the back of the resturaunt and we all squeezed in.

"Hey Wynter, Scarlet, and Aqua." Liam said.

Both Aqua and Scarlet replied, now it was my turn. "Hi!" I said enthusiastically. They probably
already assumed something was wrong because of what happened back in the room and I was determined to make them think I was fine. "You seem very happy," Louis pointed out and I nodded with a fake smile.

"I'm eating dinner with my idols, why wouldn't I be?" He shrugged and started talking to Eleanor.

Just then a waitor came over to us. "Hi, I'll be your waitor for the night. Could I get you something to drink?" Eleanor, Harry, and I ordered water; Aqua and Niall ordered Sprite; and Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Scarlet ordered Coke. Everyone started getting opinions on what they should eat and I didn't feel to hot so I just decided on a salad. When he came back we all placed our orders and he took our menus.

I watched him walk away and when l looked back at everyone they were all staring at me. "What?..." I asked.

"All you're getting is a salad?" Niall asked and looked at me like I had 3 heads.

I nodded and stated, "l don't eat much." Which was true. My dad hardly fed us, which is why I was determined to get Lauren away from him. I watched as all five boys exchanged suspicious looks and all yelled, "WAITORRRRR!" I plugged my ears from the shout. Yeah, they were that loud. Our waiter quickly came over to us seeming annoyed.

"May I help you?"

Liam nodded and said, "This lovely girl," He reached over and grabbed my hand, "needs the largest steak you have!"

"NO! nononono! l don't have that money with me and I won't eat it all!" I shot daggers at the waitor mentally telling him to not listen to them. "We'll pay," Niall said. Before I could refuse again, I got a phone call from Aqua's mom. I got a little worried and said, "I have to take this." I rushed out the entrance and stood in the humid June air.

"Hello'?" I asked pressing the phone to my ear.

"Wynter!" Lauren's voice yelled happily. "When will you be back?"

"Oh, uh, I don't know, Sweety. I'm sorry but I don't think l'll be there till early in the morning. Just go ahead and sleep there, okay?"

"Okay... How was it?! Did you get to touch any of them?!" As she was screaming into the phone I held it away from my ear so that I didn't go deaf. Then I got the best. Idea. Ever. "It was the best night of my life! And I have a surprise for you, just gimme a minute okay?" I was going to let her talk to them. I walked back inside and began to walk began making my way towards our table. Only I didn't see a waitress carrying a tray of food walking towards me till it was to late to move.

She bumped into me and I lost my balance. I fell sideways and hit a chair with my rib cage. I screamed at the top of my lungs because it hurt so bad. The pain was so excruciating that black dots clouded my vision and the last thing I saw before blacking out was Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Eleanor, Scarlet, and Aqua all crowding around me and the girl shouting 'CALL 911, and worried expressions.

*Later at the hospital*

I heard voices in the background but I couldn't make out the words. I also heard a beeping and I was in a park walking next to a fountain. l was surrounded by plants and animals. But besides the distant voices and beeping there was no sound. The leaves would move but make no sound. Birds would open their mouths as if chirping but they were mute. Where am I?! Suddenly I heard a voice as clear as daylight. "Wynter please wake up!" I blinked a few times and l looked up at a white ceiling and the air smelled like bleach.

I groaned and flinched when a girl yelled, "She's awake!" l felt pressure all around my body and leaned up a little. Louis, Harry, Scarlet, Aqua, Zayn, Eleanor, Liam, and Niall were surrounding me. Aqua and Scarlet looked as if they had been crying and Scarlet was holding onto Harry while Aqua was wrapped in Niall's arms. "What's going on?" I groggily asked.

"You remember last night right?" Scarlet asked. I concentrated for a minute and then slowly nodded. "When you passed out we brought you to the hospital." After the words sunk in I started at the wall in shock. No! NONONONO! This can NOT be happening!

Before I could respond a short dark skinned nurse walked in. "Good morning, Miss Frost!" I glared at her. She's the woman that would ruin everything; that would take me away from my friends; that would make me leave home and lose Lauren. Then another problem hit me. Where is Lauren? One problem at a time, I told myself.

"Is Wynter okay?" "When can she go home?" "Where's the kitchen?" (Gotta love Niall.) Everyone was bombarding her with questions and she quieted them while I kept my glare transfixed on her."Miss Frost Is fine, she can go home today if she'd like. Now I have a few matters to discuss privatly with her so if you could all step into the hall for a few minutes that would be wonderful." Here it goes.

They looked unsure but soon filed out of the room. Before Aqua and Scarlet left they gave me worried looks but I gave them a nod signaling that I'd be fine. When the door closed the nurse turned to me. I put on the best worried/confused look I could. "When you were brought in and examined the doctors indicated three fractured ribs on your left side and two on your right. Luckily, nothing was punctured and they are patched up. But there is something else..." she seemed to take a few deep breaths and said. "Countless scars, cuts and bruises were found in various places on your body. They think that you are and/or were abused, but they need your confirmation of it."

"I'm not abused," l quickly said. A little too quickly. I just hope she's naive.

"Honey, you can tell me if you are, it-"

I cut her off and said, "I'm not, okay? Never have been." I wanted to tell her so, so badly, and I wanted that monster in jail. To never feel the pain that I have again. But I knew that I couldn't, so I stuck to my story.  The nurse's expression changed from curious to understanding. She patted my shoulder and whispered, "It will get better. Stay strong." I was utterly shocked; she knew. She quietly left the room and a few minutes later everyone else came back in.

I looked at Aqua and Scarlet and slightly nodded my head that everything was fine. They're expression didn't change. It stayed unreadable. Oh well, I get to stay with-


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