"I'm glad to hear it." Roku said. "Unfortunately, Kzazul can't be here himself, but he has asked me to tell you two things. First, you will find information on Ji'Anni in the earth nation. Second, you can enter the only safe haven for you in the spirit world to talk to him anytime, and to do so, have your wings equip, come alone and focus purely on what Kzazul looks like. Now, time is running out for you here. Ah, here's Aang." 

"Kila!" Aang yelled as he tackled me in a hug. "I know where they are! Now, how to get back?" 

I smiled and pictured the mortal world, the pond where our bodies were, and again my wings engulfed us until we were back. 

~ ~ ~

We stood by the pond, but Katara, Kuzon, and our bodies weren't there. We glanced at each other before we glowed and shot into the sky. We couldn't control where we went, and it took us to a cave. 

Then we were back in our bodies, and Zuko was there, and we were tied up.

"Welcome back." Zuko said. 

Aang grabbed my arm as best he could. "Good to be back." He said before letting out a breath of air, shooting us out of the cave. Aang then tried to crawl away, while I used the water from the snow to cut my bonds. 

Zuko caught Aang and lifted him up. "That won't be enough to escape." He sneered. 

"Appa!" Aang exclaimed as I pulled him free from Zuko. Appa landed next to us and Katara jumped off. 

"Here for a rematch?" Zuko asked her. 

"Trust me Zuko," Katara said. "It won't be much of a match." She blocked his attack and sent a single wave of snow at him, knocking him out. 

I got Aang onto Appa and Sokka cut his bonds. "We need to get to the oasis. The spirits are in trouble!" He looked back at Zuko. "Wait. We can't just leave him here." 

"Sure we can." Sokka said. "Let's go." 

"No. If we leave him, he'll die." Aang said firmly. He hopped off Appa and picked up Zuko, jumping onto Appa's back as I slip onto Appa's head. 

"Yeah this makes a lot of sense." Sokka said sarcastically. "Let's bring the guys who's constantly trying to kill us." We all ignored him as I flew Appa back to the oasis. 

But half way there, the moon went red. I began to feel l as if death were calling me, and I of all people knows what that feels like. 

"I feel faint." Yue said as we flew on. 

"I feel it too." Aang said, holding his head. I could only nod in agreement. 

"I owe the moon spirit my life." Yue said. "When I was born, I was very sick and weak. Most babies cry when they're born. I was born as if I were asleep, my eyes closed. Our healers did everything they could. They told my mother and father I was going to die. My father pleaded with the spirits to save me. That night, beneath the full moon, he brought me to the oasis and placed me in the pond. My dark hair turned white. I opened my eyes and began to cry, and they knew I would live. That's why my mother named me Yue, for the moon." 

"I know what it's like to have light hair. To be touched by the spirits like that." I said. "It's like a scar, their way of leaving a marking on those they bless." 

~ ~ ~

We landed to see the fire nation already there, led by Zhao. Yue stayed in the saddle while the rest of us prepared for battle. 

"Don't bother!" Zhao scoffed. He raised a hand to attack the moon spirit in a bag. 

"Zhao! Don't!" Aang said, dropping his staff and raising his hands.

"It's my destiny." Zhao muttered madly. "To destroy the moon and the water tribe!" 

"Destroying the moon won't hurt just the water tribe." Aang told him. "It will hurt everyone. Including you." 

"Don't touch the spirit or you die!" I said, stepping forward. 

"And who are you to make such a claim?" Zhao scoffed at me. 

I didn't back down. "One who plays with death like a child's toy!" 

"Without the moon," Aang said. "Everything will fall out of balance. You have no idea what kind of chaos that would unleash on the world!"

"He is right Zhao!" Said a new voice. Iroh emerged. 

"General Iroh." Zhao said in recognition. "Why am I not surprised to discover your treachery?" 

"I'm no traitor Zhao." Iroh said. "The fire nation needs the moon too. We all depend on the balance." As Zhao looked unconvinced, Iroh took on a different tone. "Whatever you do to that spirit, I'll unleash on you tenfold! Let it go, now!" 

Zhao knelt down in defeat and released it back onto the pool. Then, he angrily lashed out with fire and killed it. 

And the moon completely vanished. 

Iroh and I began attacking, me with every element at my disposal. We were blocked by Zhao's men and even though it took us little time to defeat them, Zhao had run by then. With nothing left, we knelt by the pool. 

"Your power." Iroh asked. "Can you help?" 

I shook my head. "My power can only help mortal souls. I can do nothing for spirits." 

Iroh sighed, picking up the spirit as the others joined us. 

"There's no hope now." Yue cried in despair. "It's over." 

Then, without warning, both me and Aang went into the avatar state. "No, it's not over." We said together. 

Aang knelt in the pool and I spread my wings. As Aang got power from the ocean spirit, I got the remains of the moon spirit's power. Aang rose as a giant ocean fighting force and joined the attack, I following his lead as an angle of the night. Together, just as the ocean and moon spirits, we moved as one, working together to restore balance, bending only the water around us and attacking only the fire nation. 

We sent the fire nation away, and as soon as the moon returned, it's power drained form me and Aang and I returned to the city, where the avatar state left us.

~ ~ ~

Later, the next day, it was time to say goodbye to the water nation. We would travel on a ship with Pakku, who was going to their sister tribe. Kuzon and Jeong-Jeong were coming too, and we would all part ways once we reach the earth kingdom. 

"I guess we're nearing the end of our time together." Kuzon said as we prepared to leave. 

"Yeah." I hugged him tightly. "Hurry up and master fire you jerk so we can travel together again." We laughed together, and for a moment, all was peaceful. 

But like everyone knows, peace doesn't last. 





So, did you like the ending? I know I did. 

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