Explain to Us

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Dots room on the side ---->

Chapter 50


Explain to Us .

Lisa P.o.v

I had went upstairs to check up on the twins .

The twins had just woke up when I walked in to the room for the creaking of the door .

They looked At me yawning both doing their best to sit up .

I smiled going to sit in the middle of botch of them.

Dot room was really clean and Nice with an England pillow in the middle .

"Ma !" They both shouted excited trying to wiggle themselves on to my lap .

I played with them for a while then they both started to cry .

Meaning my little monkeys are hungry !

I made them both a bottle , shaking it up nice and well.

When I was just about to feed them Kyle , Tori and Erica walked in to the room closing and locking the door behind them.

Kyle grinned and I looked at him oddly , oh shit his braces were gone ! Like none , and he had some really long fangs for a man !

Note to self : Never let Kyle get close to me with those teeth ! My puncture my skin and draw blood!

"Kyle when Did you take off your braces! " I asked shocked !

He smile showing his pretty teeth ," Like three weeks ago , got tired of them ! My bottom row ain't fix but I don't care I'm happy to be rid of them shits ! "

I laughed , Tori took a bottle from me and place Xion in her lap giving him the nipple to drink happily .

I placed Liam in my Lap giving him his bottle before he started screaming louder.

" Ah damn I wanted to be there when you got them off , " I pouted.

He shrug.

I was so feeling bad now for disappearing and not consulting my best friend.

I looked at Erica and she looked uncomfortable as she stood by the door not wanting to sit down.

She was staring at every little detail of the room.

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