Pool Time

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"Macey," my sister said, poking me in the shoulder.  "Macey," she said a little louder this time after I didn't respond.  I moaned so she knew I was alive.  "Macey, get your butt out of bed!  It's almost one.  Make friends, do laundry, I don't care.  Just be productive."  I opened my eyes slightly and she walked out of the room.  As soon as she left though, I shut them and drifted back to sleep until thirty seconds later when I heard, "Macey Grace Stewart!"  That meant bussiness so I quickly sat up and rubbed my eyes.

"I'm up," I cried weakly.  My sister Marie had opened the curtains in the guest room and the rays were scorching my eyes as I adjusted to the sun.  I got in the shower, which was freezing.  I hurried my butt along as to not get frost bite and decided on wearing a tank top and some black, jean shorts.  I threw on my Vans and grabbed my skateboard heading out the door and along the hall where I saw Marie putting sunscreen on the baby, Yima.  Her big blue eyes were the complete opposite of my yellow brown ones but her reddish brown hair matched mine perfectly, although she only had a very thin layer where mine was thicker than cement.

"I'm going boarding," I told her without stopping as I pushed the screen door open.

"Macey!" she called to me.  "I need you to take Yima with you."

I sighed and rolled my eyes but my back was turned to her so she couldn't tell.  "Why don't you get a babysitter?"

"Because I have you, now c'mon?  It's not like you have anything better to do," she said walking towards me and handing Yima over to me.  She was wearing a cute pink jumper and a matching hat.  Marie left her barefoot.  She placed a backpack on my shoulder and thank god my sister had at least some sense because I was not about to carry a ginormous diaper bag around this town.

"Thanks, Mace, love you.  I'll be running errands and what not but I should be home by four," she informed me as she kissed Yima and I both on our foreheads and hurried us along.  I skateboarded carefully with Yima in my arms.  It wasn't the easiest thing to do recklessly when you're carrying a baby.  After about an hour of strolling around the town I decided it was time for me to get something to eat.  McDonalds seemed the perfect place for it too.  I walked into the air conditioning and felt immediately refreshed.  I order a normal burger and a chocolate milkshake and set my bag and skateboard at a table by a window.  I then went up and grabbed the tray.  I poured some cheerios I found in the bag onto the table and Yima investigated each one before drooling all over it as it sat halfway in her mouth, and then deciding not to eat it. 

A group of guys came in and it looked like they'd just been playing baseball.  They all joked around with each other as they ordered and they combined a couple tables together diagnol from the one I was sitting at.

"Hey!" a guy called but I didn't notice who he was calling to.  "Yo, girl with the baby."  I looked up at them and they were all looking my way.

"Are you that girl that moved here for the summer?" he asked.  I nodded.

"Dude, I heard she's mad wierd," one of them whispered and they all began to crack some jokes that I couldn't make out.

"Well, just so you know.  There's a party tonight for freaks only.  I'm sure you were invited, especially since you have a baby and all and you're what, sixteen?  seventeen?" he joked and someone slapped his hand.

"Actually I think you have the dates messed up.  That ones next week.  Tomorrow night is the one for dick's and assholes and I'm pretty sure you and your whole posse were invited to it.  I could be wrong though," I said gathering my things up and kicking my skateboard up to my hand.  "Since I'm just a freak.  Who new it was a crime to have neice," I smirked and they were all stunned that I'd talked back to them.  They apparently thought I wouldn't talk back to them.  Wrong.  I began to leave when the kid called to me.

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