Chapter 2

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**Eve POV**

The shrill sound of my alarm went off causing me to wake with a start. Turning over I saw the space beside me was empty. Panic flooded me as I jumped out of the bed for a brief second. He wouldn't take her from me. I thought as I tried to reassure my galloping heart.

All was quiet in the house as I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face. Walking to Olivia's room I slowly opened her door. Inside I saw Alex's large sleeping form stretched out on the pink beanie bag with our sleeping baby curled up on his chest.

My heart instantly melted. Just when I thought Alex couldn't get any sexier. With a shake of my head I gave a smirk. There was truly nothing like seeing this scary ass dangerous man turn into butter around our little girl. Walking up quietly beside him, I gently touched the side of his cheek.

Alex had thrown on his black jeans again but his impressive chest was still bare. His hair was also tousled from sleep as I played with his strands waking him up. "Good morning." He grumbled out.

I just reached down and kissed my baby's curls. "I need to get her ready to be dropped off to Mrs. Anderson." I whispered. "I need to go to work pretty soon." I finished. Crossing my arms over my chest I looked into his hard bluish gray eyes that narrowed in anger.

Unfolding himself from the pink beanie bag, he walked over to the crib and placed the baby gently on her stomach. "You won't be going to work today Eve. You won't have to ever work again. So don't bother fighting me on this. I will allow you to stay here today to pack anything you may need or want but we leave tomorrow morning. I have shit to do." Alex said in a gruff manner.

"Alex listen here_" my sentence was cut off by Alex swiftly snatching my arm and roughly dragging me out of the baby's room. I tried to kick at him and struggle but it was useless. My small frame was no match for his bigger one. Fear climbed up my throat as he threw me into the room and closed the bedroom door quietly as to not wake Olivia.

Yanking me around by my hair with one hand and squeezing my neck with the other Alex growled out "Eve, I'm not fucking playing with you today. Last night was cute but don't try me like that again! You are going to shut the fuck up. Pack your shit and come with me. You can come willingly or I can beat your ass and take you. Don't fucking try me!"

I stared down at the floor in defeat. I know I have pushed Alex too far from the look of his eyes turning a dangerous glint of stormy grey and the redness of his face. I just nodded my head flinching away from him scared of getting hit.

"Good I am glad we both can agree with this." Alex said calming down and smiling revealing his beautiful dimple on his right cheek. This mother fucker was crazy! He demanded and out of fear I agreed. How was that just?

I nearly jumped out of my skin when his rough hands gathered around my waist. He tugged me against his body and kissed me on the forehead. "I've missed you Eve." He whispered hoarsely. Blinking back tears I looked up at him. With the feeling of defeat coursing through me, I leaned forward and pressed my head on his big chest.

How the fuck am I going to get away? Most importantly how in the hell am I going to get Olivia away? I will have to take my time and wait to make sure everything is done right.

I hated my body for betraying me. With his rough hands running down my body, liquid began to pool at the center of my heat. Girl get your shit together! I thought fiercely.

I let out a gasped in surprised when I felt his warm tongue on the side of my neck. "I know things are strained between us now princess but things will get better." He whispered into my neck. The feeling of his wet tongue then hot breath in my neck caused me to automatically arched into his body.

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