Chapter Thirty- Five» A Fallen Angel

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I didn't need their pity, I didn't need their sorrow. You only feel sorrow when you lose something that was yours, and I realised, Omar was and never will be mine.

All he could do was stare dumbfounded at the woman, who jumped around. Dancing in happiness, raging on about building an empire.

Staring at Suhaib in those moments, were like looking at Armaan. The way his face paled at the sound of the news, to the way his eyes snapped upwards at me. Shame flooding through them.

He shouldn't be ashamed for Omar actions, I should be ashamed for falling to his wicked lies.

Closing my eyes tightly, a chilly wind crawled through my arms. Surging daggers inside, cackling at my weaken state.


I wanted mercy.

Glancing upwards I felt my eyes landing on the figure, leaning against the wall. His dark blue eyes trained on my numb form, as if he was searching for something that was never there.


That was his name. He had stayed behind, after Sarah asked Omar to take her to the doctors. It was confirmed she was two months pregnant. Suhaib stood beside me, most of the night, whispering he'd take me away first thing in the morning.

' He doesn't deserve you Naina, I'm taking you to your parents home. Don't come back to this hell hole it'll kill you"

He murmured, looking at me one last time before walking away with Omar. I didnt have the strength to look at him any more. The figure I once saw as my husband dıed the minute Sarah announced the news, and so there remained no purpose in looking at him any longer.

" I'm going to go. Will you be okay here for a while" A deep voice spoke, echoing across the large hallway. Flickering my gaze upwards at the man, I stared at him for the longest of time before nodding seeing him inhaling sharply. He did not say anything, all he did was look at me before walking towards the door.

Gripping against the doorknob the man turned around one last time before walking out. Leaving me all alone in this crumbling empire.

The haunting silence fell around me, eating against everything and I became numb to all sounds, to all emotions. I realised what broken truly felt now, when all happiness and joy has ceased away and when the clouds of fear surround you. There remains no hope.

Too lost in my thoughts. I hadn't realised the phone was ringing, till it rang for the third time making me stand up. My legs barely supporting my weight.

It might be Suhaib, telling me to get ready.

Striding towards the front room, my glanced around the room before landing on the phone. Shaky hands reached forward gripping on the object. Trying to clench on to something for support.

An uneasy like feeling gripped against me all of a sudden, my body shaking not understanding the overwhelming fear clawing against my inside.

Bringing the phone to my ear, the first thing I heard was screeching from the other side. The loud cries of sobs filling my ears as the familiar voice spoke. Sending chills down my spine.

" Hello" The voice called out, chocked with sobs making me tense. My heart dropping to my stomach, fear clawing on to my flesh.

What was happening.

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