Chapter Thirty- Five» A Fallen Angel

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Hey guys!! Wow so how was last chapter eh! How are you feeling so far? Your thoughts. This chapter was one of the hardest chapters I have ever written.

I felt like crying as I wrote this and I'm sorry if made you guys cry.

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* Grab a tissue or two *


A small word, that held the thrones of life on its head. Wielding it with power. There was no greater words than mercy, for when you show mercy, the good lord shows mercy upon you.

When I was a young girl, my ammi would always say ' Naina Allah shows mercy upon those who are good to others, and not those people who go against his wishes'. These were the words I always held close to my heart. A light in the darkness, guiding me home.


Yet as I sat beside the cold walls of the hallway. I realised I didn't have a home. Where was home. I was miles away from my mum and dad, in a place I once called home. Too naive I prayed this cage would one day be my home yet how long would you yearn for something till one day, it spits back on to you. Laughing at your desperation.

They say if you cry, your heart sheds away it's fear. Relieving you of all the pain that you carry but how was it. As I sat on the edge of the spiral staircase beside the cold walls; I felt nothing. No tears, not a single shed of it.

I realised in that moment, I didn't have any more to give. I had nothing left in me to give to Omar. To his lies, to his deceit.

I wish I could go somewhere, so far away I'll never find my way back.

The sudden ringing of my phone had me tensing. My breathing halting. Reaching towards the black object I glanced at the unknown number, ringing for the third time.

Having no will in me, I swiped across the ID hearing a deep voice speak from the other end.

'Is this Naina Khan?' An unfamiliar voice spoke through the other end making me inhale sharply, not knowing what to say. What was I to say. I didn't who I  was anymore. Was I Naina Khan, Abdullah and Waliyah's daughter, or was I Naina Khan, Omar's wife. Who was I, in the midst of all these battles I realised I truly have lost myself. No longer able recognise who I am.

" No, she isn't here" I whispered through the other end hearing a sorrowful sigh, making me tense. My eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

" Okay, if you see Naina tell her the other half called. She'll know what I mean"

The voice spoke from the other end followed by the sound of the line closing. Glancing upwards, at the ceiling I felt a heated stare making me Inhale sharply. Placing my knees against my chest, my head leaned on to it. Wanting to find peace.

Time flowed by like the waters down a stream. Never stopping for anyone, never halting for anything. Images of last night flashed before me.

The way Sarah embraced Omar. Squealing in excitement at the news. Unable to contain the happiness within yet all the men around them stared shocked unable to say anything. Their prying eyes landing on me, pity dwelling in them.

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