On A Rainy Day

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Chapter One:  The First Droplet 

                It was a rainy day, class has just been dismissed at Heartheight High School, a lone student, a senior with a red scarf, obscuring his face, walks down the bus stop alone, in his shoulder bag is a portable music player, attached to which are a pair of white earphones. To block out the world, he says. He never did understand the system. He wanted to break away from high school, to go to college and learn what he always wanted to, but no, he was stuck here for another year, just one more, no matter what, be it Prom, extracurricular activities or whatever may come his way, he will leave this school once and for all, and he'll never look back. As the bus stops in front of him, he props up his hoodie, not wanting to bother with an umbrella and gets on, sitting at the very back, since it would be a long ride.

                Sitting down, he pulls down his hood revealing his short unkempt hair, peering out the window, he sees all the students pouring out of the large iron gates, the gates which caged him forever, standing motionless, judging him, peering at him. Sighing to himself and closing his eyes, he remembers the simpler days, until complications entered his life. He was never really popular, he was an average student, no clubs, no activities, just another sheep in the herd, totally unremarkable. He opens them once again, seeing the worn out bus that would bring him closer to home, the old single bedroom apartment his parents arranged for him, the only place he felt happy. Slipping to unconsciousness, he shakes his head focusing on the music, trying to stay awake. Closing his eyes, no longer to sleep, but to feel.

                His eyes snap open as the bus screeches to a halt, this was his stop, he gets off, hood once again propped up, into the freezing streets. He needed to walk a block or so to another bus stop and get on that one. He walks, slowly, so slow that it seems like he doesn't want to get home. As the drops of rain bounces of his clothes, he feels nothing, his eyes stuck in a perpetual gaze forward, as if his soul has left his body. He makes it to the stop, the walk being uneventful as usual. He stops to look around only to see one of his classmates, a girl of medium height, with short jet black hair in a grey jacket much like his. She was carrying a red umbrella, and standing on the stop, as she waves at him and calls out to him, he walks towards her. Sitting down on the stop, without a single word, she says "Hey" he looks at her. Quite puzzled that she would talk to him. "Hi" was his reply as she sits next to him "You taking this bus too?" he nods in agreement. "Come on, you can talk to me, were friends right?" he doubted this, but he agreed to an extent. "Hey it's pretty early, wanna grab something to eat?" she asks "Sure?" was the only words he could say.  She jumps off her seat and says "Let's go!" while grabbing his hand, pulling him up, "And put some enthusiasm on it!" Running through the weakening rain, they headed to the nearest place to eat. He felt happy, she was nice and all, they WERE friends, she was that girl who would always talk to him, and it developed from there. As they stop in front of a local establishment, he thinks "Uneventful trip, no more."

Chapter One: End

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