Chapter 6: We meet again

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Aomine’s POV

I watched over the school ground from the roof top, reminiscing the brief moment I saw her and how she disappeared within a flash. Everything about her screamed that it was [Name]… Is she alive?

Meanwhile on the school ground filled with people – students and teachers, cherry blossoms bloomed to their best. It was spring. The season of love.

I scoffed.

I must have hit my head or something. The season of love… yeah right. Tell me I didn’t say that.

I wonder which class I’m put into… Wait, on second thoughts, that won’t be necessary. It’s not like I’m going to attend classes anyway.

Not caring if this was the first day of school, I lay down on my back deciding to skip classes once again. The soft morning sunlight poured on me, the morning breeze was cool and soothing… Yup, there’s no way I'm going to attend classes. It’s not like anyone cares – wait. There’s Satsuki. But even she can’t make me attend classes.

Speak of the devil… “DAI-CHAN! DAI-CHAN!”

I groaned, turning over to the other side. I could hear her climbing up the ladder and gracefully landing on the rooftop. She then towered over my sleeping figure, her shadow blocking the sunlight.

I opened my left eye to look at her. Just what is she blabbering about? Her big busts bounced as she spoke, her hips waving slightly with every sentence she spoke. I smirked when I saw her lucky underpants. She’s too childish. Lucky underpants. Pfft.

“Dai-chan! Were you even listening?!” Her outbreak pulled me back to whatever she was saying.

“What?” I grumbled, closing my eyes again.

I heard her sigh. “[Name]-chan’s back.”


I sat up abruptly to face her.

“She’s in the same class as you. First name’s different. But Last name’s same.”

It could be someone else with similar name.

“I checked her biography. She looks a lot like [Name]-chan we know.”

So she’s alive.

I didn’t hear what Satsuki had to say afterwards, I dashed down the ladder and the staircase to the school ground. I stood before the notice board, and my eyes lingered over the name…

[First Name][Last Name]…

Satsuki’s right. Her first name changed. She must be someone with same name and same face. No. That’s too much of a coincidence.


“But [Name]… she died?”

“I don’t know about that. You saw her die in front of your eyes didn’t you? Even if she had survived, she’s very likely to have amnesia.”

I need to find her.


You sat at the last row near the window. No sign of Aomine. But that’s expected of him. He’s always skipping classes to sleep on rooftop.

“We have a new student! [Last Name]-san. Please introduce yourself.”

As you walked towards the front of the class, the door slid open with a loud bang. Chatters from the girl population of the class erupted as he walked into the room. The teacher looked surprised herself.

‘It must be very rare for Aomine to attend a class.’ you thought.

He stood, staring at you, taking every features of yours into his eyes.

“[Name]…” he breathed.

Hello… Aomine-kun.

“H-Hai?” you yelped, acting slightly dazed and shocked… just how you wanted it to come out.

“We need to talk.” He grabbed your hand and dragged you out of the class despite the teacher’s warning to stop.

“W-wait! I don’t even know you!”

He paused, staring at you for a while before pulling you away again.

When the two of you got further away from the class. He let go.

“Don’t bullshit me, [Name]. You know me. And I know it’s you.”

“I don’t know which [Name] you’re talking about, Aomine-san... But I’ve never seen you before.”

“Aomine-san…?” He mumbled all to himself.

“Anyway, Aomine-san.” you started, “I need to go back to class. Sensei’s waiting for me to introduce.”

A big frown crept onto his lips as he sighed. You took that as your cue to leave.

You speed-walked back to your class, a discreet smirk stuck onto your face. Oh how you wanted to do that. How you wanted to break him. See him suffer…

The game starts, Daiki. You’ll suffer… You’ll suffer every single day.

“What did I just see?” a voice came out of nowhere.


‘Can’t he just leave me be?!’ you screamed internally.

“Ah! Imayoshi-senpai! Aomine-san seemed to have mistaken me for someone else.” you grinned from ear to ear as you turned to face him. "I thought classes already started?"

Imayoshi opened his mouth to say something.

“I thought you have an introduction to finish.” Aomine interrupted from behind.

“Right.” you walked back to the class, noting the stares Imayoshi has been landing on you.

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