Our demons

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"Okay, this is Romano's"

"Dear Diary, Papa keeps on teasing me! I worked really hard all day, and he won't give me any food! I want some food~!"

Everyone startet to laugh halfway into the entry. Romano himself was hiding his face in the table. "ahh Roma" everyone heard Spain's voice. Romano looked up and glared at him " Shut up Bastards"

A lot of the Girls in the room were cooing at how adorable Romano was in the past.

"I think we should move along, da?" Everyone nodded while trying to catch their breaths.

"Okay, this is one of Liechtenstein's" China spoke.

"What, Lili" Vash said. "Sorry" Lili spoke as she hid her face.

" I don't know why everyone views me as sweet and fragile. Sure I'm cute, and I hide behind big brother a lot, but the fact that I'm his sister should be a good enough hint. He's not the only one who knows how to use a gun"

Lili looked and thanked the ancients silently for not taking one of the others. Some, like America and Russia and others that knew of Switzerland's skilled with a gun, all had a new way of looking at this girl.

Switzerland himself was now rather happy and proud that the others knew of his sister's ability. While across the table, a little boy was shivering.

China smiled at Liechtenstein before continuing to read.

" When he realized Ludwig had grown taller than him, Gilbert went out and got drunk out of his mind"

Gilbert groaned as he let his head fall onto the table. Germany looked over at his brother "so that's were you went" he said quietly, but Gilbert heard it and nodded.

"Could you keep Reading Yao?" England askedand China nodded.

Yao read the next one quietly before he spoke up. Everyone could see a slight glaze in his eyes.

"This is one of Russia's" he said before he started to read out loud.
"Dear Diary.

Everyone's alwys mad at me. Thay tell me I'm evil and cruel and insane. I used to be abe to ignor it, but now I'm starting to believe it myself. It's not my fault I'm this way. Blame all of the WARs I've been through.... all of the People who've had to die by my hands. I regret every Death - every singel one. I never og a day without thinking about it.

I wish everyone else would just understand tahat I want a friend."

Looking over at Russia, everyone could see the tearsteaks that were running down his face, and what happened next shocked a lot of People. Out of everyone in the room, it was the Northern part of Italy that went over and pulled the slavic nation into a tight embrace.

Everyone understood that Russia needed some time, so China started to read again.

" This is one of Opium's"

"England actually has Magic, and it is dark.

Due to this, he actually has a demonic butler and a demonic advisor. They are both well known from a fandom that formed aroun a manga and an anime, that in Japanese is known as Kuroshitsuji"

England smild a bit where he sat as Japan started too stutter. "Wait, Enrand-san, does this mean that you have Seebastian and Cier in Your house?!?!???!" He almost fangirled. England himself just laughed and nodded. And it probably was not a suprise when Japan fainted and fell onto the floor.

So after a while Germany spoke up. " Let us all og and get some lunch and clear our minds a little, ja?" He looked around the room and everyone nodded. Italy heped Russia up from his chair and gave him one more hug before he left him in the arms of his big sister, Ukraine.

"We will be back in two hours, and everyone, be on time"

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