Chapter 13: The Volturi

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~Alyssa's POV~

Jake, the Cullens, the four other covens, and I walked slowly towards the clearing that was visited just five years ago. No one spoke. We were all walking to our deaths and we knew it. I HAD to think of a way to save my family! I just HAD to!

We stood in silence as the seconds ticked by, marking how much time we have to live. Within a couple minutes, i saw a black cloaked mob coming this way. Nobody but me saw it yet of course. My amazing eyesight was much better than a vampires. As they got closer, i read their minds to find what the people in the fronts names were.

Within seconds, my vision began playing out.

"You cant have Renesmee Aro!" Edward said.

"Oh Edward, we do not want your Renesmee. We want the newest member of your family. We want young Alyssa." Aro replied in a kind tone. "Her gift is rather remarkable. She will become a magnificent member of the Volturi."

"I'm sorry Aro, but she is part of this family and we are not going to just hand her over." Carlisle said.

"I'm afraid you don't have a say in this my dear friend. What the Volturi want, we will get." Aro said. "Felix. Get the child."

Felix started to walk over to Alyssa. Jasper and Alice stepped in front of her and got into a protective crouch.

A man with black hair and red eyes walked over to Aro.

"I can't read minds." Edward says.

"Ah, yes. Meet the newest member of the Volturi. This is Torin. He is a gift blocker. When you are in his presence, he can make your powers go away as if you never had any." Aro said, smiling a us. "Alec, blind them."

Everyone, including the wolves, went deaf and blind. Everyone except Alyssa, who was not affected by Torin or Alec. The powers they have don't work on her. Felix walked over to Jasper.

"The Cullens tried to defy the Volturi. What shall we do with them?" Jane asks.

"Sadly, we must kill them. It is against the rules to defy the Volturi." Aro says with a sad look on his face.

"No!" i scream. I have to stand up to them.

"It's not your choice my dear child. Now come with us" Aro answered cooly.

"To my understanding, the Volturi is a volunteer group." i say.

"Well, I guess you are right." Aro says sadly, but then an evil smile creeps onto his face. "You have two options. You can either join us. Or you can die."

"I'd rather die than work with a filthy leech like yourself." i spit back at him. I internally laughed at myself for using Jacob's term.

"That is truly sad." He says. "Jane dear, will you take care of the Cullens and young Alyssa here?"

A small blonde girl walked up to me, smiling. Felix and Demetry grabbed my arms and forced me onto my knees. Jane put her hands on my face, ready to decapitate me. I felt the cold wash through me.

"Pain." she said, expecting me to fall on the ground in agony. "How are u not hurting?"

I smiled at her.

"Any last words?" she asked.

"Just one." i said.

"And what would that be?" she asked.

I looked her strait in the eye, but pictured Demetry and Felix in my mind as well. "Pain."

Demetry, Felix, and Jane fell to the ground screaming. I kept them there for about three seconds, then took off running full speed towards Alec. I jumped up onto his shoulders, putting my hands on his head, and pulled. He fell to the ground and i dropped his decapitated head on the ground. I saw my family become free from Alec's power.

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