1. Mistake

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".........uh...." I groan as I turn to the opposite direction from the light.

"Close the window....." I mumbled. Is something wrong with my mom today? What the hell is she doing leaving the door open to interrupt my sleep!

Oh god the light is getting brighter....
"Mom, can't you not hear me? I said close the window please!" I speak a little louder this time.

Gosh why is it so cold in the morning? How are you expect me to go back to sleep like this?!
So my mom is going to ignore me now?

"Mom!" I yelled in a sleepy voice as I got up. I close my eyes as my hand immediately reach my head and massage my temples.
I don't remember how much I drink last night.....my head.... It's so dizzy!!

A smell of toast suddenly fly through my nose. She brought breakfast?

My stomach started to growl.
My hand then move from my temples to my stomach as I slowly rub to ease my hunger.
Wait............ What the fuck.......
Why am I feeling my bare skin??!

I quickly open my eyes as I look down at myself.
....... Nothing....... Nothing but my bra and underwear!!!

Wait..... Why does this room seems different..... This isn't even my bed......

"Good morning, Ms.Minseo~"

My eyes popped out of its sockets as I slowly tilted my face to where the voice was coming from.




Why is that fuckboy sitting on the chair with nothing but a towel around his waist??? Gosh his abs..... UGHHHHH

I quickly wrap the blanket around myself. WHAT THE HECK HAPPEN LAST NIGHT??!!!

"Looks like someone's hungry, here's breakfast for you." Jimin said as he comes closer.

"Jimin I swear I will kill you if you come any closer." I slowly back away.

"Alright, if you says so." He grin, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Where am I? Where's my clothes? And what happen last night???!!

"You're at my house right now........ And last night? It was amazing." Jimin smirked.

"Never thought you would be that wild, all our clothes was torn. I throw them away." Jimin said, continue to smirk.


"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" I scream my heart out as I grab the pillow and hit him.

I just slept with a him? The school's biggest fuckboy??! You're kidding?? I just slept my most hated rival??!!

"YAH! Minseo! STOP IT!!" Jimin try to dodge with his two arms.

"GIVE ME BACK MY CLOTHES!!" My blood begins to boil....out of all person... Why the heck does it have to be Jimin??? Why not Minhyun???! ARGHHH my first time!!!


She immediately dash out of my house the moment I told my maid to give her some clothes.

That chick is crazy!! She is the first ever to woke up and beat me up like that! Other girls would've swoon all over me!
Why did I even bring her home in the first place, thanks god my parents is not here.

I got changed and lay back down on my bed as memories from last night rushes back:

After long days of exams, all of my friends decided to party and get our mind off things. And look who decided to show up.
Freaking Kim Minseo! Since we were little till now, she always glared at me when I passes by.... Well...... SHE IS THE ONLY GIRL IN MY LIFE THAT TREAT ME LIKE THAT!I don't know what the hell I did that pisses her off so much.... Oh wait...... Because I beat her in everything. But that is still not enough reason for Minseo to hate me!

So back at the party, Minseo show up with her best friend. I spotted her glaring at me as she took shots after shots.
Her bestfriend, Minhee, who dated my friend Jhope, couldn't seem to stop Minseo from drinking.

Minseo was knock out after the party. Jhope was taking Minhee home so they figured I should took Minseo home.
I didn't even nodded until Minhee and Jhope just left.

I kept trying to wake her up but she didn't even budge, so I have no choice but bring her back to my house.
But the moment I carry her out from my car. She vomited EVERYWHERE. My clothes, my shoes, my pants, as well as her shirt and jeans.

I place her on my bed and told the maid to took care of her while I get myself cleaned up. But till the morning, the smell didn't fully comes off so I took another shower again!

I didn't really know that Minseo was only in her undergarment until she got up....... I didn't really think much until I joke with her around a bit before SHE ATTACK ME!

Gosh that girl is cray!! I don't even know why the guys like her!!.... I mean she does have a pretty face......and she's pretty smart.... BUT she's just plain crazy!!!
I mean.... Does she knows how many girls are dreaming of being her right now??!

I stand up and stretch, that was some morning....
Without realizing a smile appear in my face as I remember her panic face. Not going to lie but Minseo is hella weird.


"Ms. Minseo, please open the door." I heard mom said.

"Minseo!! Open this door right now!"

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yelled, burying my face in my pillow.

"Minseo, did something happen, honey?"

"Nothing mom, I'm just really tired." I said, "I'll come downstairs later."

"Okay, if something happen tell me alright?" My mom said.

"Yes mom." I replied and she walks away.

........... I didn't just slept with Jimin, right? Please tell me I didn't. Why that hoe? Ughhhhhh what exactly happen that night??? Why can't I remember a thing?? Gosh I shouldn't have drink all those alcohol, look what happens!

Why does God hate me so much? What have I done? Out of all people it just have to be Jimin, my biggest enemy.

........but a weird thing is..... Why doesn't it hurt? I mean.. It's suppose to hurt after right?..... Or is it? ...... Maybe there's no effect after?

........ Or maybe Jimin's junior isn't that big........
PFTS who am I kidding, girls go weak on their knees the time he wear tight pants......

But how am I suppose to face Jimin from now on? I have the same class as him!!
UGHHHHH I am going kill Minhee when I come to school tomorrow!!

I was gonna write this ff for a Got7 member but Chimchim just wrecked my bias list so here he is 🙃

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