Chapter 3hree ~ She's gorgeous

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*Zayn's POV*

  I walked off the stage and downed a whole bottle of water before jumping into a group hug With the boys. I told them all "good job" and gave Louis a confused look when he pulled me over to a corner with a suspicious grin on his face "What did you do?" I asked a little afraid of the answer.

"You remember that girl in the White sweater, front row? The one that you called beautiful" I blushed at the subject and nodded slowly "Well, I invited her to hang out with us." "You WHAT?" I yelled.

He pointed a finger at me and said, "Don't yell or I will embarrass you in front of her."  And then he ran away when he saw Eleanor walking towards us. I sighed and growled as I stalked to my dressing room, Even though I didn't ask him to do that I was grateful deep down

I quickly got a shower and decided to leave my hair normal. l put on a clean pair of jeans and a varsity jacket over my white shirt. I walked out of my dressing room and saw the rest of the boys and Eleanor waiting for me. They all had a cheesy grin on their face and I gave Louis a cold look. "Come on mate." Liam said with his hand on my shoulder. We all walked to a room that security had led the girls to and I turned the knob.

I was confused when I saw two girls sitting on the couches but neither was the girl in the white.
Their heads shot up and they covered their mouths when they realized who we were.

"Hey!" we all said and they stayed sitting down as if they were frozen. Finally, the Red-haired girl said, "H-hi," very quietly.

It became awkward and silent and guess who decided to break it? Lou. "SUPERMAAAAAAAAN!" He shouted and both girls fell to the floor laughing so hard that tears were dripping down their faces. This caused Niall to start laughing and eventually we were all clutching our stomachs and laughing. Harry was the first to recover and he walked over to the Red-Head girl and helped her up. Once he had set her on the couch she opened her eyes and they were suddenly statues that were looking at each other.

Niall got up and helped the other girl who blushed madly and we sat on the couches. Harry, the red-head girl, Louis, and Eleanor sat on one couch while Niall, the blue haired chick, and I sat on the other. "We never got your names," Harry said. "I'm Scarlet,"the red head said and then she pointed to the blue haired one "and that's Aqua."

"Can't you talk?" Niall asked Aqua. She blushed, looked at Scarlet and then leaned in to whisper something to Niall. "No need to be shy, Love!" She was as red as a tomato and l stifled a laugh. I had to say, they had pretty awesome hair colours and eyes. I guess the boys thought the same, since they complimented them making them both turn red.

The door to the bathroom burst open and then the girl in the white sweater was standing there
staring at us.

She's beautiful!

She looked sick to her stomach but her face quickly turned back to normal color. "Wynter, you okay?" Scarlet asked. l looked between them and it seemed like they were talking through their eyes. Then Wynter-- l love her name, nodded. I didn't buy it, but it wasn't my place to say anything.

"Hi everyone," she waved and then sat down next to Aqua. Everyone said hi except Louis.

Eleanor elbowed him in the ribs but he still stayed quiet. After a few silent moments he randomly yelled, "HELLO," at the top of his lungs and we all plugged our ears. I don't know how he can be so loud!

I heard someone giggle and looked over to see it was Wynter. I smiled and Harry said, "Did you enioy the concert?"

All three girls started talking at once saying, "You guys were amazing!" or "It was soo much fun I'm glad that I came!"

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