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I wave to the yellow car as I watch my family ride away for the weekend until Tuesday. Where during this span, I'll be getting out all of my pent up passion and lust. My body burns in sensations just at the thought of Mila moaning out my name or even better, daddy, into an empty hotel suite. I can imagine her plump pink lips wrapped around me. I bet the inside of her mouth is smooth and...

Fuck, I need a shower.

I head into my bathroom ridding of my clothes and stepping into the shower. I quickly grab a hold of my member and start pumping it.

I groan imagining her hand wrapped around me. Her small hands moving so slow and torturous. I pull her hair making her look up at me with those innocent eyes. "Faster." I'd moan to her. Her hands move faster and she sticks her tongue out licking the tip. I tremble with the minimal touch. I lean my head back catching my breath.

"Can I suck you off, Daddy?" She ask. I take a deep breath and nod. "Yes princess." As soon as her soft, wet mouth makes contact, I'm tensing up and about to release.

"Uh, fuck." I grunt through clenched teeth. I look down to see Mila looking up at me with me stuffing her mouth. She smiles around me and I'm gone. I let go in her mouth and pull out to watch it drizzle on her breasts. I open my eyes and rest against the wall catching my breath. Oh I how I need this.

I look down at my hairy chest and happy trail. Should I shave for her? She might like the scruffy manliness of it or maybe not. I'll shave the chest and trim the lower area, that way Nikki won't be too suspicious. (I'm curious scruffy or shaven?)

After cleaning up and shaving my face nicely I head to my closet to pick out the right outfit settling on a nice patterned shirt and black jeans with a blazer for if we go out. I pull on my boots as I have things to pick up for the suite.


It's 7:30 and no call from Mila. The food is ready, and the suite has a soft lingering smell of candles that have been burning for over half an hour. Maybe she's just running late. Traffic's a bitch on this side of town.

I bite my lip and play with the ring on my finger.

Perhaps this is a sign I should've never gone through with this. I shouldn't betray my wife and family in the ways I am going to. What if she finds out? She would be devastated and worse, kill me. There'd be no going back after something like this. She would never forgive me. Even if she did, it would always be nagging at her like everything I do.

I sit back on the couch sipping my gin and tonic. I stare out the window at the city skyline.

If I do go through with this, I'll have Mila out of my mind and a new libido for my lovely wife. I won't be imagining how her hands feel because I'll know. I'll know the feeling of the warmth between her legs and how her lips press to my chest.

With now tipsy frustration, I take out my phone to call her. I listen to it ring and ring and ring. No answer only her voice mail.

"Hi this is Amelia, I can't come to the phone right now. You should probably just text me. Mkay, bye."

I sigh setting the phone down.


She's not coming.

I go into the bedroom and blow out all the candles and throw all the petals off the bed. It was too much to begin with. I go into the living room and blow out all the candles there and take the half melted ice cooled wine back to the kitchen. I throw the glasses in the sink. I'm so stupid for thinking she would come that she would show up.

I lean on the counter running a hand through my hair staring at the two plates. I leave them there.

I trail into the hallway leading to the bedroom I sip my glass of just vodka now.

Knock knock

I turn around on my heel. I stare at the door. It couldn't be. I look at my watch 8:20. I bite my lip looking around the sweet it's now a mess.

I hurry to the kitchen and throw the plates in the oven to warm up and take the glasses and wine setting it back out. I'll never light all these candles in time.

Knock knock

This time a little harder I go to the bedroom and pick the petals as quickly as possible and strew them about the duvet. I hurry to the door fixing my outfit and making sure I don't look like I did ten minutes ago. I open the door and there's no one. I notice the elevator closing and I dash for it sticking my hand in the door and they open up to reveal the sexiest woman i have seen in a long time.

"Hi." She says softly I offer my hand to her and she takes it stepping off the elevator.


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