Chapter 2

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Alexandrias POV

~2 days later~

My eyes slowly flutter open, and I gradually turn my head side to side looking around my cold bare hospital room. My hands shake as I pull them up to my face, with my fingers I trace a small thin tube going from my cheek to my nose. I blink and feel a strong pain on my right eye, a bruise I imagine. There's an iv in my right arm, and I pull the bandage off and slowly take the needle out of my arm. I groan watching it come out and blood starts to ooze.I can hear my heart monitor and its steady that's good news. I attempt sitting up but I doesn't go to well because of the pain so I give up on that and lay back down taking a couple deep breaths.

"How are you feeling," the tall thin man held a clip board in his hand and his glasses laid on the tip of his long pointy nose. He is writing some stuff down and looking at the computer when he turns his head towards me and looks at me he is shocked I can tell I see it in his eyes.

"Alexandria why did you take your iv out your suppose to leave it in its for your own good, and look your bleeding," his hands scramble around to find something for me.

"Don't touch me," I smack the needle out of his hands, I grab the bandage that was over the iv earlier and place it on my arm to stop the bleeding.

"I need you to calm down," he looks at me pushing his glasses back up.

"What happened to me?" I ask him tearing up attempting to calm myself down. I guess I had acted the way I did because I was scared I don't know what's going on so I panicked and took it out on the doctor that's trying to help me and now I feel horrible.

"After the particle accelerator you and your friends were brought here to the hospital and you have been in  a coma for luckily only two days. Your really lucky that it's only two days it could've been months or years. Anways You do have a concussion but no broken bones you should be good to leave here really soon after we take just a couple more test," after how I acted to him he still treats me with respect.

"Thank you, now can I go find my friends and see if they are okay?" I ask.

"No you really need to rest I'll go find your family and tell them that you are awake but I need you to just stay here okay," he doesn't really ask it's more of a demand. I nod my head yes and wait until he is out of the room, when he finally leaves I force myself out of the hospital bed and to the doorway.I then pop my head out the doorway to see if it's all clear. I'm not gonna listen to him I'm fine and anyway I don't have any broken bones, I'm going to find my friends they could be seriously hurt or dead for all I know.

I walk down the hallway peeking in every room trying to find Skye, Mae, Rebecca, Kiera, and Aiden. I watch my bare feet walk down over the white cold tiles when I see something, my vision flashes to a cracked road. My feet stop. I look up and down the street is a man standing staring at me, then I see the hallway of the hospital again. I breath heavily as the only thing I can hear is my heart beat get faster and faster and louder every second. Then it switches again and the man is closer now, I blink and see the empty hallway again. What the hell is happening, what is this. Then again I see the road and the man a couple inches away from me. I scream in fear tears streaming down my face.


He is still a couple inches away from me I can see his mask clearly now it's covering his whole face and half of it is black and the other half is orange.I shake my head roughly side to side crying he tilts his head at me and places his hand on my neck.

"Please let me go I have done nothing wrong to you," I cry and he releases his hand from me. I'm trembling in fear as he is still standing in front of me. He reaches to his side and pulls out a long sword.

"No, no please!" I scream. Still no words from his mouth he stands there silently holding it by his side like he's waiting for something. Then he does it, its like in slow motion the sword is slowly pushed into my stomach and he pauses for a moment letting it sit in my stomach blood oozes out of my stomach onto the sword and dripping onto the ground. he is still looking at my face. Then gets a tighter grip of the sword and pushes it all the way through my stomach, I fall to my knees then slowly to the ground.

~End of vision~

I'm sitting on the ground screaming and crying holding my stomach, it's like I could feel him killing me. I groan in pain as I hear many footsteps coming my way. I jolt my head to the direction of the sound and see a group of doctors coming my way. I shot up from the ground and wipe my cheeks, then I run. I sprint down the hall and listen to their voices as they demand me to stop I take a sharp left turn to go down another hallway when I almost run into a stretcher I was about to just keep on going when I realized who it was. The body belonged to Rebecca.

"Hey what happened to her is she going to be okay?" I ask the man as he is jogging behind the other doctors pushing her stretcher.

"She's going into another immediate surgery, and she's on the edge, she's really close to letting go," he gives me an apologetic look. I speed up to the stretcher and look at Becca, she's barley awake.

"Becca look at me, you can't go you have to stay with me I don't know how the others are doing, so I need you to put all the strength you have in you and fight, I need you to fight this Becca okay please don't go," tears fall rapidly down my face, "Please," I weep I now have a blurry vision of her from the tears.

"I'm really going to miss you Alex, your smile they way you can make us all laugh how much of a sore loser you are," we both laugh a little, "If the others are okay tell them I love them too and that I'm really going to miss all of you," she says her hand is on my shoulder and a single tear falls down her cheek and she shuts her eyes.

"Rebecca no! Please this can't be happening not now. Wake up right now Becca please I need my best friend we all need you!" I fall to the ground hard I cover my eyes and weep, and scream as loud as I can.

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