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Emma Swan was 28 years old and is a teacher at Storybrooke High. She had just started teaching this year and she teaches 12th grade English. English had always been Emma's strong suit in school. So she thought that she might as well make that strength a career. She had always wanted to show people the joy of the Literary Arts.

Anyone who knew Emma Swan personally, knows she has never had the best love life. The last boyfriend she had, Neal Cassidy, left her after she told him she wanted to pursue her dreams of becoming a teacher. He said,"But they don't make a lot of money. And ever since I got out of jail, no one wants to hire an ex-convic." And she had blatantly told him that she isn't doing it for the money. So then he said, "Fine then! You're not the only woman in the world--I'm leaving. Don't expect me to be back though." After that he walked out of her apartment door and her life at the same time. He just left Emma there, broken and crying, and she never saw him again.

After that fateful day three years ago, Emma Swan picked up the pieces of her life that had been broken of a man that we shall not speak of, her life has been an absolute joy. In the time span between those three years and now, she had gotten herself a degree, moved out of the old apartment that brought so many painful memories and moved into a nice two story house with a white picket fence and a bird bath outside. It had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, she turned one room into a guest room and the other into a study. The house is baby blue- turquoise outside and in the inside is just gorgeous, there are tan-set walls and all of the furniture is white. She doesn't really get many guests so she doesn't have to worry about messy, well messy anything. And now she has a career she loves but no one to love her.


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